8 Christmas Gifts for New Homebuyers

­­­­­­­­Christmas is just over a week away, meaning the last-minute-gift-buying panic has officially set in! This is the time when you scramble to buy presents for those in your life you might have forgotten – coworkers, neighbors, distant relatives who are now coming to your holiday party, etc. For the new neighbors, getting gifts might Read more

10 Holiday Cookies to Try This Year

By Annie P., Lombardo Homes Marketing Coordinator It’s the most wonderful time of the year: holiday cookie season! Whether you’re participating in a cookie exchange, hosting a holiday party, bringing cookies to the office to share with your colleagues, or leaving out an elaborate spread for Santa, there’s always an excuse to bake this month. Read more

Holiday Hosting Guide

One of the exciting parts of having a brand new home is getting to show off your new digs and host this year’s holiday celebration… until you, you know, think about the logistics of hosting the holidays. If you’ve been saddled with hosting a holiday this season (or “voluntold” … or, hey, maybe you actually volunteered!), follow this guide to make it through the season with maximum joy and minimum stress.

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