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Holiday Hosting Guide

One of the exciting parts of having a brand new home is getting to show off your new digs and host this year’s holiday celebration… until you, you know, think about the logistics of hosting the holidays. If you’ve been saddled with hosting a holiday this season (or “voluntold” … or, hey, maybe you actually volunteered!), follow this guide to make it through the season with maximum joy and minimum stress.

4 Cleaning Projects to Tackle Before the Holidays

The holiday season is almost upon us – from having family and friends over for Thanksgiving dinner, to the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, to hosting extravagant seasonal parties. These events may give off strong feelings of love, spirit and cheer, but the amount of cleaning required to host all the increased traffic to your home can be daunting. To help you transform your house into a space worthy of holiday hosting, here are four cleaning projects for you to tackle.

6 Things to Know Before Planting Fall Bulbs

Like planting in the spring, there are a few guidelines you should follow when planting in the fall. Before you scamper to your local nursery to stock up on your favorite bulbs and dig into your new garden, read our 6 tips for successful cool-weather planting.

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