5 Things We Love about Ann Arbor

Washtenaw County is home of seven of our communities and is also home to one of the most popular and sought-after cities to live in Michigan – Ann Arbor. The University of Michigan abides within Ann Arbor, making it a haven for college sports fans. Aside from that, Ann Arbor has no shortage of shopping, parks, entertainment and restaurants for all ages. We are confident that every member of your family will love to call this city home. Here are five reasons why we love Ann Arbor!

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How to Incorporate Living Coral into Your Home

This year’s Pantone Color of the Year is a bright and lively color: Living Coral (Pantone: 16-1546, Hex: FA7268). This color is eye-catching and conversational—and not just for its orange and pink hue. It’s a color that most people wouldn’t see in a home without purpose. The Living Coral color was chosen with the intent Read more

5 Things We Love about Lake St. Louis

Conveniently situated between I-70 and I-64, Lake St. Louis is the perfect community for those looking to combine the calm life of metro area living with unparalleled access to the wonderful city of St. Louis. This idyllic setting provides the perfect background for one of our communities, Heritage at Hawk Ride. Interested in learning more Read more

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