10 Common New Home Warranty Questions

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The day is almost here – closing on your new Lombardo home! A handful of questions may race through your mind as the big  day approaches: Did I remember to change the address for my magazine subscription? Do we have enough boxes to pack everything? Will my kids be able to sleep during the first night in our new home?

What in my home is covered under warranty? How does the new home warranty program work?

Before you pack your belongings and load them on the moving truck, find the answers to your warranty questions with these 10 frequently asked questions.

  1. Who provides the warranty on my new home?
    A:  Lombardo Homes provides the one-year warranty on your home. ProHome manages this warranty.
  2. Do I have a one-year or 18-month warranty?
    A:  Lombardo Homes provides a one-year warranty.
  3. What is the pre-close walk? What if I can’t remember everything that was explained to me during my orientation?
    A:  The main purpose of the pre-close orientation is to outline all of the interworking’s of your home. At this walk, a ProHome representative will explain all mechanicals, what is covered during off-hour emergencies, and when and how to do your warranty term walks. Even though ProHome may create a punch list during your walk, punching out your home is not the focus of the orientation. You can find much of the information covered during the orientation on ProHome’s website.
  4. Does ProHome track or schedule contractual items or items from my orientation?
    A:  No, Lombardo Homes is responsible to bring all punch list or contractual items to completion.
  5. How do I schedule my 30-day and 11-month warranty term walks?
    A:  All homeowners must call ProHome to schedule their 30-day and 11-month warranty term walks. If you do not contact ProHome within your one-year warranty period, your warranty will be expired. You can schedule your walks by calling 248-449-1100, extension 3.
  6. When should I call for my 30-day or 11-month warranty walks?
    A:  Thirty-day warranty walks should be requested after you have lived in your home for at least 30 days, but prior to 60 days. After 60 days, non-emergency items will be held until your 11-month walk, which should be requested in your tenth month of occupancy.
  7. Can I call for repairs anytime throughout the year?
    A:  No, all repairs outside of emergencies are only reported during your 30-day or 11-month walk.
  8. How long does a new home orientation last?
    A:  ProHome meetings last approximately 2 full hours if there are no interruptions.
  9. Are my warranty guidelines specific to Lombardo Homes?
    A:  No, ProHome manages all homes based on national guidelines published by the National Association of Home Builders.
  10. Is everything I list/report covered under my warranty?
    A:  Not everything. You must verify your listed items through the ProHome Manual, as many items are considered homeowner maintenance and not warrantable items.

Want to learn more? Visit ProHome’s website, where you’ll find videos and documents that further explain the new home warranty process and procedures.


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