Lombardo Homes New Home Warranty

Founded in 1961, Lombardo Homes has established a reputation for building high-quality new construction homes. It’s our sincere commitment to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction that has helped us earn the trust of homebuyers for more than 50 years.

We stand behind our work and offer a new home warranty to provide customers with peace of mind for years to come. In addition to the 1-year Builders Limited Warranty, we also provide our customers with basement water dampening and a 10-year structural warranty.

As our homebuyers approach closing, a representative from our third party warranty companies, either BBSG or ProHome Michigan, depending on the division in which you are building a home, will provide a detailed walk-through of their new home and review all items covered by our new home warranty.  Both BSG and ProHome Michigan are independent third party warranty companies with track records of being leaders in post-warranty management.

Once closing occurs, BBSG and ProHome Michigan will track, document and report on every issue throughout the warranty period. Each will follow up with homeowners approximately 30 days after closing to address any concerns, and once more 11 months after closing to handle any required warranty work, discuss issues and answer questions prior to the expiration of the one year warranty.

Need to submit a warranty request?

Michigan: Please contact ProHome Michigan at (248) 449-1100 to discuss any service issues that you might have. To learn more about ProHome, visit them online at www.prohomemichigan.com.

Missouri: Please contact BBSG at (816) 741-4782 to discuss any service issues that you might have.  To learn more about BBSG, visit them online at www.bbsgusa.com.