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Whitney McCowan

Lombardo Homes MICHIGAN Build Process Guide

Building a new home is an exciting process, and building a new home on your own land adds an extra layer of excitement! Our Anywhere Lombardo team’s goal is to make the build process as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Together with our experienced sales managers and construction coordinators, you will design and build a home you’ll love to live in now and for years to come.

We often get the same questions from new homeowners: What goes into building a home on your own land? As you can imagine, much of the process is the same as building a Lombardo home within a Lombardo community, with some notable differences. Below is the process we follow before, during, and after we build your new Anywhere Lombardo home. Contact our team to learn more about building on your own land in Southeast Michigan!

Step 1: Get Pre-Approved for a Construction Loan

Knowing how much you’re comfortable spending on your new home will guide your homesite, floor plan, and option choices further along the build process. Talk with your lender about your preferred monthly payment and available down payment, then calculate a total price to stay below that keeps you in your comfort zone. This information helps our team provide suggestions for a floor plan and/or homesite that will fit your lifestyle and your budget.

Step 2: Find a Homesite

When considering a homesite, most clients think about location, size, and price, but there are other factors to consider as you search for the perfect land on which to build your dream home. While you view homesites, take note of the utilities, driveway location, nearby trees, and other homes in the area. This will help you select a lot that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Haven’t found the perfect homesite? We partner with realtors who are listing land on the MLS. View a list of available properties here.

Step 3: Discovery Event™

Now that you have the perfect homesite, it’s time to begin designing your dream home! At Lombardo Homes, we believe that every family lives differently. Understanding those differences helps us build the best home for all of our homeowners – one they will love for years to come.

During the Discovery Event™, you’ll meet with your Anywhere Lombardo Sales Manager to discuss everything that is important to you in your new home. We will cover how you’ll live in the space, which features best suit your lifestyle, and which design features and trends you want to showcase in your selections. We’ll use our knowledge of your homesite, the home options and features we discuss, and your overall budget to find the perfect home for you and your family.

Step 4: Site Evaluation

You’ve found your dream homesite and are compiling a list of options and features you’d like in your home. Your vision is starting to come to life! The next step is seeing how the home and land fit together. Your Construction Coordinator will tour the land and begin collecting information for permits, utilities, and more.

When you purchase an Anywhere Lombardo home, the base price includes funds for soil boring tests, topography drawings, permits, utility connections, and more. Based on the costs needed for your homesite, along with our included allowance, we will provide an estimate to show how this location will fit with your budget.

After you review and approve the estimate, we will move on to the formal site evaluation. Site engineers will review easements, topography, utility connections, and more, and work with our team to place your new home in your desired location. We’ll also use this time to complete a soil boring test, which gives us a peek at what is underground so that we can predict with better accuracy the costs needed for your foundation.
The Site Evaluation is can take a few months, depending on site conditions and research needed. Once the tests are complete, we’ll meet again to go over the details of what your homesite will require. These costs will be added to your Construction Agreement so you get a full picture of what your home (and construction) will cost. We guarantee these numbers to be accurate — we won’t be surprising you mid-build with a bill for unexpected costs!

Step 5: Meet with Sales Manager

After due diligence is complete, it’s time to review your home pricing with your Sales Manager and start the custom change process. Customizing your home is part of the fun of building new, so use our tools to help make your dream a reality! We make modifications and additions early in the build process so our team is able to give you true pricing for your new home instead of an estimate.

Step 6: Construction Agreement

While our Construction Coordinator is working on your Site Evaluation, you’ll work with your Sales Manager to choose the structural options you would like in your new home. Once you’ve selected your home’s structural options, it’s time to sign the Construction Agreement!

Step 7: Design Studio

You might’ve spent months dreaming about the cabinets, countertops, and flooring in your new home. (We can’t blame you!) Our Design Studio in Southfield, Michigan is where you’ll finally put everything together and start to truly visualize how your new home will look. At the Design Studio, you’ll work with an experienced Design Consultant to combine colors, designs, and textures and find the look that is perfect for your new home.

We encourage all homebuyers to schedule a Preview appointment before their Design appointment. This gives you time to view our available options and play around with color and material combinations before actually making selections for your new home. We’ve found that our clients are more confident in their design choices when they’ve previewed the options ahead of time.

Step 8: Closing

Once selections are complete, your price will be set, and we will schedule a closing date for your construction loan. This is one of the spots where building a new home on your own land differs from building within a Lombardo community; instead of closing after your home is built, your closing takes place before construction begins, when you close on your homesite. We’ll schedule a Key Exchange to take place after your new home is finished. (More on that later!)

Step 9: Obtain Permits and Order Items Selected During Design Studio Appointment

By this point, you’re likely getting excited to see construction begin on your new home. We’re almost there! At Step 9, our team will obtain permits and order the items you selected during your Design Studio appointment. Once everything is in place, it’s time to start the development and construction of your new home!

Building a new home is no small feat – in fact, hundreds of people are involved in the construction of your home. Our processes are in place to ensure a smooth and pleasant build experience, but there are occasionally bumps in the road. If this happens, don’t fret; we’ll ask questions, understand what you’re looking for, and work through any bumps together. We’re in your corner throughout the entire build process.

Step 10: Pre-Construction Orientation

Two to three weeks before construction begins, you’ll meet with your Construction Coordinator for your Pre-Construction Orientation. During this meeting, your Construction Coordinator will show you the plot plan and construction drawings for your new home. You’ll review the locations for your mechanicals, such as the furnace, sump pump, electrical box, water heater, electrical outlets, and switches. This is an exciting opportunity to see your home on paper and begin to understand how everything will come together once construction begins.

Step 11: Pre-Drywall Orientation Walk

Get the camera ready! It’s time to visit your new home under construction. At the Pre-Drywall Orientation Walk, your Construction Coordinator will give you a guided tour of your home under construction before the drywall is installed. You’ll discover the inner workings of your home, view its quality components, and have the opportunity to ask questions. Be sure to bring a camera so you can take pictures of your home to show your friends and family after the appointment!

Step 12: Draws

Draws are listed at Step 12 in this guide, but they actually happen at 3-4 different stages during your home’s construction. Draws (or payments) typically occur around the time when your home is framing, when cabinets are delivered, when countertops are installed, and when your home is complete, but the number and timing can change between individual homes. If this sounds complicated, don’t worry! It’s a fairly simple process. Our team will send you a notice of the request, you sign the request, and then the request is sent to your lender. Your monthly payment will change to include the total amount that has been drawn to that point. (As usual with mortgage-related scenarios, be sure to ask your lender for details!)

Step 13: New Home Orientation Walk

At the New Home Orientation Walk, you’ll meet with a ProHome representative who will give you a full orientation of your home. During this detailed walkthrough, you’ll learn where every light switch is operated; open every window, cabinet and door; and get a demonstration of every feature of your home. As you walk through the home, the ProHome representative will make a detailed list of items to be addressed before closing.

Step 14: New Home Verification Walk

The New Home Verification Walk takes place approximately one week after the New Home Orientation Walk. This is a final walkthrough with your Construction Coordinator, where you’ll review the items from your New Home Orientation Walk and check that the work was completed. It’s also a great opportunity to ask questions before your key exchange!

Step 15: Key Exchange

After months of dreaming, planning, meeting, and seeing your home built from the ground up, the day is finally here! It’s time to get the keys to your new Lombardo home!