Lombardo Homes MISSOURI Build Process Guide

Building a new custom home is an exciting process, and building a new home on your own land adds an extra layer of excitement! As the leading custom home builder in St. Louis and St. Charles counties, the Anywhere Lombardo team’s main goal is to make the build process as enjoyable and stress-free as possible for our new homeowners. Our experienced sales managers and construction coordinators will help guide you to create a home you’ll love to live in now and for years to come.

We often get the same questions from new homeowners: What goes into building a home on your own land? As you can imagine, much of the process is the same as building a Lombardo home within a Lombardo community, with some notable differences. Below is the detailed process we will follow to build your new Lombardo home. Contact our team to learn more about building on your own land in the greater St. Louis area!

Step 1: Tour a Lombardo Homes display

Tour one of our beautifully decorated model homes and be inspired by the latest trends, features, ideas, and colors. At Anywhere Lombardo, we offer an innovative approach to custom home building by tailoring our process and each home to fulfill your individual needs.

Step 2: Find your dream homesite

Do you own property? If you do, you’re ready to move to Step 3! If you’re still looking for the perfect spot to build your Anywhere Lombardo home, let us know! We can provide you with a real estate agent’s information who will help you find the homesite of your dreams. If you are considering a potential property, move to Step 3 so we can help you fit your dream home to your dream property.

Step 3: Meet with our Anywhere Lombardo team for your Discovery Event™

Now it’s time for your Discovery Event™! The Discovery Event™ is designed to help identify your unique needs and build a home that not only complements your lifestyle, but also will continue to serve your needs as your family continues to grow or change. Together we will identify your desired plan type, important rooms and features, and any impending lifestyle changes. Using this information, we’ll identify a floor plan and structural options that compliment how you live. Once these items have been identified, we will begin the process of pricing your new home. The last phase of this step is meeting you on your property to begin a detailed analysis of your homesite.

Step 4: Visit your homesite with our Anywhere Lombardo team

During your homesite visit, we will help you determine the views and orientation for you new home, as well as discuss your ideal outdoor living style. We want to ensure your home and your homesite complement each other perfectly. We will also start researching attributes unique to your homesite, which we refer to as due diligence. We will collect information on the boundary survey, topography, test pits, environmental studies, and more. Depending on the municipality and HOA restrictions, this process is usually complete within 30 days, but may sometimes require up to 60 days.

Step 5: Review your home pricing and start the custom change process

Now it’s time to make your house a home! After due diligence on your land is complete, you will meet again with the custom sales consultant to review your home pricing and start the custom change process. This process is what allows you to truly customize your home. We encourage you to add personality, functionality and pizazz during this phase! Our on-staff architecture team will help make your dream a reality and our exterior visualization tool will allow you to picture it perfectly. Once of the benefits of process is capturing all your modifications and additions before we start the permitting and build, and not throughout the build, allowing us to give you true pricing of your new home, not an estimate.

Step 6: Sign a Purchase Agreement

Your dream is now a reality! Your home has been designed and architecturally approved, including a construction plan, complete with all your custom details and specifications. Now it’s time to make it official! We will complete the price out your home as it’s been drawn. Upon your approval, we will have you sign the purchase agreement and start building the home of your dreams.

Lombardo Homes can accommodate more than 20 of our most popular floor plans on your property. Call or email our Custom Sales Consultants to receive more information or set up an appointment to start your dream home process.