4 Sanity-Saving Moving Day Tips

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Moving into a new Lombardo home is an exhilarating, albeit overwhelming, adventure. The effort requires patience, planning and process to ensure your valuables remain intact from one location to another.

As a company whose mission is to provide new beginnings for new home buyers, we’ve witnessed countless families and individuals perform the process of moving. With that, we’ve seen the right way – and the wrong way – to handle things on moving day (or days).

To help you have as seamless a moving day as possible, follow these four moving day tips.

Choose Your Mover Wisely

There’s nothing worse than hiring a moving company, only to find they had damaged your belongings at some point during transport. If you want a team of experienced professionals, you should begin researching companies 2-3 weeks before your desired move-in date.

A qualified organization will ideally have a physical location, provide training for their staff, own and operate their own equipment and perform an in-home survey. On moving day, your movers should leave you with minimal stress and a full house of belongings. For a great list of accredited moving companies, check out the American Mover & Storage Association, or the Better Business Bureau.

Discard Sparsely Used Items

When it comes to moving day, less is more! The more you’re able to get rid of before moving into your new home, the more money you’ll save on transport and labor costs.

Before the big day, host a garage sale to get rid of unwanted or sparsely used items – it’s a great way to get some extra cash. You can also donate any leftover items from the sale to a local charity.

Sketch Out a Floor Plan

You shouldn’t make decisions about where each piece of furniture goes on moving day! In order to save time and eliminate confusion, consider mocking up a floor plan of your new home.

Sketch out each room, and draw all the furnishings each one will contain, including how you want them arranged. You can even assign numbers to each piece of furniture and have them correspond with the floor plan, so the movers only need to carry heavy pieces to the rooms they’ll stay in.

Take Care of the Basics

Moving day doesn’t always entail packing and unpacking your belongings – there are several administrative tasks you must take care of as well. This includes:

  • Making sure your new Lombardo home’s utilities are turned on
  • Changing your address with the post office, your employer, insurance agencies, utility companies and government offices
  • Transferring your family’s documentation, including school and medical records, to new service providers, doctors and schools

Do you have any other moving day tips? Share them in the comments below!


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