5 Great Tech Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

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This season, share a gift of convenience with the new homeowner in your life. Today, we are sharing four tech gifts that are a great way to add on some extra cheer to the homeownership experience.

Wyze Cam Pan | Price: $29.99 on retailer’s site

While you can’t be around your home all the time to keep watch, you can always be in the know of what’s happening with this top-quality security camera at an affordable price. The camera has three recording modes, 360 degree horizontal range and is paired with a free mobile app that sends footage to your phone instantly when any motion or sounds are detected in the home. With this camera, there’s never a need to question how things are at home when you’re hours away.

 Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Light Switch | Price: $42.00

Say goodbye to the days of stressing about whether you remembered to turn the lights off before you left home and fumbling for a light switch as you enter a room. With the Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Light Switch, you have the ability to turn the lights on and off remotely all through the complete control of your smartphone, and you can even pair it with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to have voice control incorporated.

Amazon Echo Dot | Price: $49.00

Don’t be fooled by its small size. This tech gadget offers up a lot of the same features as its full-sized friend, the Amazon Echo. With the Amazon Echo Dot, you’re able to get quick responses to your questions from Alexa as well as tell Alexa commands and you can connect the gadget to any speaker in your home to get the ultimate sound experience. As one of the best smart speakers out there for the price, this gadget will be a very welcomed addition to any new home.

 Weber iGrill Mini | Price: $49.99 on retailer’s site

With this smart device, the temperature comes out right every time without you even having to keep a watch over what’s cooking. That’s right – you can finally enjoy the game and cook up all of your BBQ favorites. Just plug the temperature probe into your grilling item and have the Weber iGrill app pulled up on your phone. There’s no need to stick around the grill – the app allows you to have complete control of your grill from your smartphone and will even send an alert to your phone when your food is done. Now, that’s what we call smart cooking.

Ecobee Switch+ | Price: $99.00

We’ve all faced our fair share of experiences of fumbling for a light switch as we enter a room or overstressing about whether we actually remembered to turn the lights off as we rushed out the door. But those days are no more with the Ecobee Switch+. While a smart light switch may not seem like a necessity, its various capabilities will make time at home much more enjoyable. With the Ecobee Switch+, lights can be controlled by voice command or motion sensors, but the best part is the light switch does the work for the homeowner as it will turn off the lights when the person isn’t around and will turn them on as soon as the person enters the room. Aside from being able to easily manage lighting in the home, there’s also the unique touch of having an Amazon Alexa speaker built in so your light switch can literally do it all – play music, answer your questions and so much more.

What tech gadget would be on your housewarming gift wish list? Let us know in the comments below!


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