Guide to Spring Work 2019

The weather is warming up, so you know what that means – it’s almost time to begin spring work! We will be starting spring work construction items very shortly. As new Lombardo homeowners, you may have questions regarding spring work. This blog post will help you know what to expect over the next few months.

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Tips for Organizing Your Closet

Spring has sprung! Now is the perfect time to get to cleaning and organizing any spaces in your home that needs a bit of TLC. It might also be time to let a few things go, or simply rearrange your spaces to become more efficient. But where should you start?

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How to Incorporate More Green into Your Home

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, many are thinking of the best ways to get green on their body to ensure they don’t get pinched repeatedly throughout the day. But what about your home? There are actually a lot of great reasons to get shades of green into your home regardless of the holiday season. And since St. Patrick’s Day is only one day, why not think of ways to work your green home décor in so that it’s functional long-term?

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5 Reasons to Buy Instead of Rent

Between getting pre-approved for a mortgage and finding the perfect home, buying a new home can often seem unattainable when you’re renting. While your rent may be lower than what you anticipate your mortgage payment will be, buying a new home is usually the right choice over renting – and oftentimes, your mortgage isn’t higher than your rent after all! Below, find 5 awesome benefits of buying instead of renting.

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