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5 Reasons to Buy Instead of Rent

Between getting pre-approved for a mortgage and finding the perfect home, buying a new home can often seem unattainable when you’re renting. While your rent may be lower than what you anticipate your mortgage payment will be, buying a new home is usually the right choice over renting – and oftentimes, your mortgage isn’t higher than your rent after all! Below, find 5 awesome benefits of buying instead of renting.

5 Great Tech Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

This season, share a gift of convenience with the new homeowner in your life. Today, we are sharing four tech gifts that are a great way to add on some extra cheer to the homeownership experience. Wyze Cam Pan | Price: $29.99 on retailer’s site While you can’t be around your home all the time Read more

Top Tips to Prep Your Home for Winter

We winterize a lot in our lives, from wardrobes to boats and many in between. But we often forget that there are things around the house that can greatly benefit from a little TLC before falling leaves turn into falling flakes. Here are some of our best tips for prepping your home for winter.

5 Fall Home Maintenance Tasks

The temperatures are beginning to dip, the evenings are getting longer, and Halloween décor is beginning to pop up everywhere you look. That means one thing: fall is here! Before you bring out the pumpkin spice candles and flannel throw pillows, complete these 5 fall home maintenance tasks to prep for the months ahead.

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