How to Choose the Perfect Floor Plan for Your Family

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Buying a new home is exciting! … And, we’ll admit, can be a little daunting. There are seemingly endless questions to ask and items to consider, such as when to move, where to live, and—sometimes the toughest question of all—what kind of home to buy. Our team can help you choose the perfect floor plan. As you decide which floor plan and homesite to select when you purchase your new Lombardo Home, consider the following:

How you live in your home today. What’s missing from your current home that would make it more livable for your family? Is it another bedroom, so the twins no longer have to share? An additional living space, such as a study or hearth room? Bigger closets for more storage? Walk through your current home and make a wish-list of items you’d like in your new home. This list can help your Sales Manager determine which floor plan is best-suited for your family.

How you will live in your home in the future. Will your family grow in the future, whether it be with more children or additional pets? Will you need a first-floor guest suite for Mom and Dad? How about entertaining space to host more parties and family gatherings? Consider how you will live in your home in 5, 10, and 15 years, and make note of any additional rooms or options your home needs to anticipate these lifestyle changes.

How you live outside of the home. Picture a sunny, 75-degree afternoon. Where is your family? If you’re likely to find family members outside, consider selecting a larger homesite (more backyard space for soccer or playing fetch with the dogs!) or a covered deck or patio to accommodate your family’s outdoor lifestyle.

Already found the perfect Lombardo Homes floor plan, and now need to select options and features for that home? Check out our blog post for tips on what to consider before your Selections Appointment!


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