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The Lombardo Homes story is all about family and friendship. At its roots, Lombardo is a family-owned builder. However, that changed in 2011, when Anthony Lombardo partnered with his good friend Mike VanPamel to bring Lombardo Homes to Missouri.

Mike VanPamel is a veteran in the homebuilding industry. Having spent 20 years working with national builders, Mike was excited to have the opportunity to bring this family-owned company to Missouri. Without the restrictions and restraints that come from “corporate,” Mike had the ability to bring his customers the homes, and homebuilding experience, they wanted.

Mike spent years talking with customers about the homebuilding experience – what they expected, liked, or disliked, as well as how they felt during the homebuilding process and how they felt after they moved into their new home. Over time, Mike understood that customers wanted to feel connected to their home and to the building team throughout construction. They wanted a builder that understood their needs and wants and built a home based on what they wanted, rather than fitting them to a generic floor plan.

What makes Lombardo Homes different today?

First, we insist each customer go through our trade-marked Discovery Event, where we work closely with homebuyers to identify their unique needs and build a home that not only complements their lifestyle, but also will continue to serve their needs as their family continues to grow. At Lombardo Homes, we take the time to truly understand how you live in your home. By understanding your family size, dynamic, and lifestyle, we can recommend floor plans that will fit the needs and wants of your family. We will offer option recommendations to maximize space and functionality throughout your home and space, and even take future life changes into account.

Second, we offer fully customizable homes. This means that anything you want to add, remove, change, or dream, we will do. Not only will we 100% customize your home, but we offer our customers up-front pricing so they know exactly what their home will cost, no allowances, before a purchase agreement is signed.

At Lombardo Homes, our mission is to build truly breathtaking homes that reflect our customers’ unique needs, tastes, and personalities. Let’s begin your homebuilding journey together.


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