Energy Efficiency Tips for Your Home

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As the end of the year creeps closer, it’s not too early to get a start on resolutions for 2022! One good resolution? Lower your energy use in your home. Everyday changes can make a world of difference in your power consumption throughout your home. They don’t cost much but can save you money and headaches later on. While some of these ideas may seem obvious, there are many that get missed or forgotten. Implementing even of few of these tips can help increase property value, save money, and protect the environment. Here are some useful tips that anyone can implement to make their home more energy efficient.

Use natural light when possible. Avoid using your lights during the day when you have enough natural light to see by. (Added bonus: natural light is gentler on your eyes than synthetic lighting.) Maximize the room’s natural light by adding mirrors, which will reflect light and make rooms brighter and feel bigger. When you do need to use lights in the evenings and early mornings, remember to turn them off when they’re not being used! This saves money and extends the life of your lightbulbs, so you won’t have to replace them as often.

Switch lightbulbs to LEDs. These lightbulbs use fewer watts and last longer. They also are safer and don’t produce any unwanted heat light other bulbs.

Defrost the refrigerator before ice buildup gets overwhelming. Once it hits around ¼ of an inch thick, it’s good to defrost, keeping your fridge running more efficiently.

Use the recommended settings on your refrigerator and freezer. The recommended settings are recommended for a reason; they’re the standard the company intended for the product to operate correctly. Having certain settings too high or too low will use more energy, cost more money, and lead to an increased need to replace an overworked appliance.

Clean or replace filters regularly. Dirty filters in any appliances make them work harder and run longer than necessary. This unnecessary usage adds up and can lead to requiring replacements far earlier than necessary, plus adds to your energy use (and bills).

Utilize ceiling fans. Make sure to use the proper settings for the season! In the summer, your fan’s blades should be moving counterclockwise to push air down and create a cool breeze. During winter, set the blades to slowly rotate clockwise, pulling up the cool air and sending warmer air back down. This also means that during each season, you can run the air conditioner and space heaters less.

Run appliances at night. It’s better to run appliances like the dishwasher and washing machine at night, especially during the hot summer months, to help keep the overall temperature in your home cooler. Make sure you fully load your dishwasher to maximize water usage, since dishwashers will always use the same amount of water per cycle.

Use energy saving advanced power strips. These will help reduce electricity waste and save on energy costs. They stop electronics from drawing power even when idle or “off”.

Don’t peek in the oven. Doing this will lower the temperature, making your oven use more energy to heat back up. To cool it down faster, turn it off a few minutes before it’s done; the heat will stay stable long enough for your food to finish the end of its cook time while using less energy.


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