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Have you ever found yourself torn on what homesite you should choose for your dream home? Whether you’re looking for available parcels or just trying to figure out where you’ll be within a community, there are a lot of aspects worth your consideration when it comes to your homesite. Your homesite selection will be a major factor in your dream home being everything you imagine it to be! Let’s walk through some points to think about for your dream homesite.


The location of your future homesite relative to the area of your choice is going to be a key factor in which homesite may be best for you. This can impact homesite premium costs, as well as how many homes will be built around yours. Location also includes how close you are to the places you visit most: work, family, recreation, etc. What nearby conveniences do you think you want or need to feel ready when you take your key and move in? Do you want to be close to major highways for easy commuting, or farther away for a quieter home-life? Are you looking for a home within a specific school district or city? This not only helps you further solidify whether you want to be in a builder’s community setup or on your own lot, but also helps you consider what you actually want versus need in terms of final location.


Even when building on your own lot, community can be a factor in your homesite selection process. Unless you’re looking to buy a large area of land and have no neighbors, it’s likely that those building around you will be forever homeowners, or plan to live in their homes for a long time. Do you mind the proximity you’ll have to others? Do you like the layout of the neighborhood, and where a neighbor’s home might be with respect to your own? Are you looking for a specific lot type, such as a cul-de-sac home or corner lot? Do you want a homesite backing into trees for privacy, or one closer to the entrance for access to the main roads? Traffic management, privacy, and nearby amenities like a community park or pavilion will be important to keep in mind, especially as a community develops and grows. The good news is that communities are designed with the homeowners in mind, so you will have less chance to step on your neighbor’s toes. Our sales team can even walk the homesite with you and provide a rough estimate of where your home will be. Homesite availability can vary, though, especially within popular communities, older developments, or in highly desirable areas. Our interactive design tool can allow you to select homesites within one of our communities, as well as customize a floor plan to build on it.

Floor Plan

You more than likely already have a specific floor plan or options you love in mind; if not, our qualified sales team can certainly help you discover which plan in our lineup may be best for your needs. A floor plan can really broaden the idea of what your dream home can become, and can also help narrow down what homesites are available to you. Floor plans, structural options, and other customizations can potentially remove homesites from your list, or restrict which homesites are available to you. Some communities also only allow certain floor plans in their lineup. Some homesites can only accommodate specific plans for lot-fit requirements, or require specific options in whichever plan is built there. This can be a factor in on-your-lot building, as well. When making your selections, be aware of the square footage, layout, and basement type, as these will all impact which homesites are available to you. Pricing of the homesite is also impacted by its location within the community layout and the basement type that can fit on the site. If you really want both a walkout basement and a cul-de-sac homesite, you should have it in mind ahead of time.


Hand in hand with your floor plan, your lifestyle can help you decide on the must-haves that get you the most out of your home. Our professional team of sales managers can help you decide on features that fit the life you plan to lead while living in your new home. Perhaps you’ve got children and want them within walking distance of the community playground, or have a strict schedule and need easier access to the main road for your early morning drive. Your lifestyle will directly impact the plan you choose, the options you need, and the homesite you’ll build upon. Even if you only plan to live in your new home for a few years, our sales team can help you choose options and a homesite that will make your home more desirable for resale.

Building Restrictions

This will be less of a concern when building in a builder subdivision, but checking that a lot is actually viable for building is very important when building a new home on your own lot. A site evaluation will be required to access any notable factors that may impact your floor plan choice or the build itself. Zoning and other deed requirements, as well as restrictions placed by a municipality, will all be important to keep in mind.

These rules are good in most cases! They will stop your neighbor from building that five-story add-on to their home and blocking your view of the sunset. However, they can also restrict the exact placement of your home, what can be built there, and even what the building can be used for. Researching ahead of time can be pivotal to keeping your expectations reasonable when it comes to selecting your land.

Choosing the homesite of your dreams might not have felt like something important before, but there are certainly quite a few points to consider. If you’re looking for a great selection of different homesites across a vast selection of communities in southeast Michigan, St. Louis and St. Charles Counties, Columbia Area Missouri, or an on-your-lot build in one of these areas, Lombardo Homes is here to help you through the process. Contact our sales team to learn more!


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