Spring Cleaning Guide

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Spring is officially here, which means that the perfect time to start spring cleaning has come. Take advantage of the warmer weather and energizing sunshine by taking time to give your home a thorough cleaning.

Often times, it’s hard to get motivated about cleaning for some reason or other. One way to make the entire process easier on yourself and your family is to make a schedule and list of all things in your house that need to be cleaned. Things to make a note of are areas that you tend to avoid, forget, or skip cleaning; areas that need the most work; areas that are frequented the most and areas that are the fastest or easiest to clean. Compiling all of these into a list puts into perspective the amount of work that really needs to be done and gives you the ability to efficiently dole out tasks in a way that won’t add needless stress.

Here, we categorize all of the things we think are important to cover when cleaning the home.



Before getting started with any cleaning in your home, it’s a good idea to gather all supplies you’ll need and ensure that the products you plan on using are safe for the environment that you’ve created. If you have children or pets, be mindful that the ingredients listed are not harmful or toxic to them before use. If your children are helping you clean, demonstrating the proper use of each product by following the instructions listed on the bottles is pertinent. Watch out for VOCs, fragrances, irritants, or flammable ingredients within the cleaning supplies that you’re using. A vacuum with a HEPA filter will help cut down on allergens and other small particles when cleaning, and you can use any additional attachments it comes with to make the process of cleaning easier on yourself.


The kitchen is a high-traffic area of the home and at more risk for dirt, grime, and germs. Disinfect services and be sure to let air dry. Clear drains and your garbage disposal. Depending on the type of appliances you have, your oven or refrigerator might need to be wiped down or steam cleaned. While we are here, it’s also a good idea to throw out any expired food in the refrigerator or pantry. Don’t forget to clean the inside of cabinets! When you wash any dishes, be sure to clean your cutting boards, pots, and pans. To round all of your cleaning off, clean the floor by steam cleaning or mopping.


The best way to make your home clean is to make sure the products you’re using are clean. Clean your dishwasher with white vinegar and a hot cycle. Put dish holders in a mixture of one gallon of lukewarm water and a tablespoon of bleach for two minutes and air dry. Disinfect trash cans. Steam cleaning is a great idea for cleaning many surfaces and appliances in your home, but be sure to check and make sure the appliances you want to steam clean are safe for you to do so. This is also a good time to clean out your washer and dryer.


This is the area of our homes that we spend thousands of hours of our lives in. Apart from the usual dusting of all surfaces and vacuuming the floor, cleaning the mattress is our main event. A good method for cleaning your mattress is to use vacuum upholstery or crevice tools to vacuum up any crumbs, dust, or debris on the surface of the mattress before rinsing it with a damp cloth and allowing it to dry. Next, sanitize it with a disinfectant spray, and use a steamer to kill dust mites near the surface. Vacuum once more to ensure it’s in peak condition. In kids’ bedrooms, an additional step might be to have all of their toys put away and their study spaces organized. Finish off the bedrooms by vacuuming carpeted floors.


The bathroom is another area of the home prone to germs, so one of the first things we want to do is ensure all services are disinfected, along with frequently touched spots like door handles and knobs. Wipe out any grime sticking to your tub and wash or replace your shower curtain and liner. Someone will also have to clean the toilet if there’s no automatic cleaner. Clean off stuck-on debris from your mirror. If you keep your medicine in your medicine cabinet, double check any that might be expired or need to be replaced. This also goes for makeup, hair care, and other products that can expire. When the rest of the room is complete, be sure to finish off by mopping or steam cleaning the floor.

Miscellaneous areas

Don’t overlook often-forgotten items, like ceiling fans, lampshades, shelves, and ceilings. Clean windows on cloudy days to ensure the sun won’t dry your cleaning into streaks. Wash your recyclable grocery bags. Clean and disinfect your decor and pet’s bedding by putting them in the dryer, hot sun, or freezer. Use a coffee filter to wipe streaks off of TV screens and other monitors in your home. Disinfect frequently touched items like TV remotes, console controllers, light switches, handles, door knobs, and your doorbell. This is also a perfect time to check your furnace and replace your HVAC filter if necessary. Lastly, a good rule of thumb when you clean is to start from top to bottom so that you don’t have to reclean areas when new dust accumulates on them.

Do you have any cleaning tips to share? Let us know in the comments.


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