Spring Home Maintenance Tips

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Spring is underway! If you haven’t begun spring home maintenance yet, now is the time to do so. Follow these tips to keep your home functioning at its best.

1. Inspect the air conditioning unit for seasonal damage. This includes checking the fan condenser for debris, removing the cover (if applicable), testing the unit for functionality, and listening for any unusual noises coming from the unit.

2. Change the humidifier setting from Winter to Summer. This will help your home maintain the proper humidity settings, which is essential for the overall health and comfort of your home. You can adjust these settings on the humidifier located on the furnace. The percent of moisture can be adjusted using the humidistat located on the furnace, as well.

3. Test every smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector. If you didn’t replace the batteries when Daylight Savings Time began, now is a great time to do so!

4. Turn hose bibs back on and make sure there are no frost-caused leaks before leaving the basement.

5. Before the spring thaw, remove sump lid and clean the crock with a wet/dry vac. Fill the crock with water to test functionality after it is cleaned. If the lid is a sealed unit (radon), fully secure the lid once you’re done.

6. Spring means rain! Clean and secure all gutters and downspouts. Check that downspout extensions are in place and intact so they will properly drain water away from the foundation.

7. Fill in any low areas in grade that were caused from freeze/thaw cycle and earth settlement.

8. Inspect the roof materials and roof flashings for any damage.

9. Inspect weather-stripping around all doors. As seasons change, minor adjustments to door catches may be needed to create a tighter seal between your door and weather-stripping.

10. Hire the contractor who originally installed your irrigation system to start your system for the season. When the contractor is at your home, make sure they check for broken heads – especially near concrete or any high-traffic areas where the heads could’ve been damaged by shoveling or snow-plowing – and adjust the heads for full lawn coverage. They should also check the system clock and set the timers for how frequently the sprinklers will run. This should be completed after May 1st, or when temperatures no longer drop below freezing at night.


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