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It takes more than a house to make a home.

A home is a place you can’t wait to get back to. Where one generation raises the next, and where memories of a lifetime are made and cherished.

At Lombardo Homes, we take that philosophy to heart – as a family-owned homebuilding company, the processes and procedures we implement set us apart and ensure that our homes are made with the utmost quality and integrity. Together, it creates what we call the Lombardo Difference.

Family Values

Whether it’s in the office, the sales center, or the field, our team strives to positively impact the lives we touch through our core values of integrity, passion, family, and commitment. We’re family-owned and operated, but we also continuously work to treat our fellow team members, trade partners, and homeowners as family. These values shape each aspect of our business and day-to-day lives.

The Discovery Event™

We often hear stories of homeowners who move into their new homes, only to realize they live in the space much differently than they were expecting. That’s why we developed the Discovery Event™.  The goal of the Discovery Event is that you will be happier one year after closing then the day you moved in.

A program unique to Lombardo Homes, the Discovery Event™ is a series of interactions and conversations with our trained sales managers that focus on your family’s tastes, preferences, current lifestyle, and anticipated lifestyle changes. This helps our team truly understand how you’ll live in your new home and make build recommendations that complement your family’s style.

The Discovery Event™ is conducted before you sign a purchase agreement with us so we can make sure the home plan and options you select are best suited to your family. We want you to be happy in your Lombardo home years after you’ve moved in – the Discovery Event™ helps us achieve that goal.

Interactive Design Centers

Our interactive Design Centers play an important role in giving you the opportunity to interact with samples of the products and material that will personalize your new home.

After selecting your floor plan and signing a purchase agreement, you’ll visit one of our Design Centers and work with a design professional to pick out interior and exterior details for your new home. The centers display a vast array of color selections to choose from, as well as current trends and styles desired in today’s homes, giving you plenty of inspiration as you make selections for your new home.

Customer-First Approach

We want you to be part of the entire building process, not just at purchase and closing. We encourage you to visit your new home during the build and to take pictures as construction progresses. Building a new home is exciting – make sure you capture the experience!

Our sales and construction teams will meet weekly to discuss the progress of your new home and answer any questions you might have. They’ll provide you with consistent updates throughout the process, in the contact method of your choice – whether it’s email, phone call, or text message.

In addition to weekly communication, we require you to attend a series of meetings designed to keep you included in the build process. (We know, require seems like a strong word. These meetings are really, really, really important, though.) These meetings include the pre-construction meeting, pre-drywall meeting, pre-close meeting, verification walk, and the 30-day walk and 11-month walk with ProHome Warranty after closing.

Quality Home Inspections

To help ensure consistency and quality in every home we deliver, we carry out scheduled inspection days on every home. These detailed inspections have from 72 to 198 inspection points and include the prestart meeting, foundation inspection, frame inspection, pre-drywall inspection, trim inspection, and finish inspection.

 Promise for a Promise

It’s every homeowner’s nightmare when they’re building a new home: they’re promised a closing date, only to have it pushed back a month. And then another. And another.

Our team works really hard to make sure that doesn’t happen. When we promise a close date, we’re serious about keeping that promise. In fact, if we cannot close on your home as scheduled, we will pay you $150 per day, every day, until we can close on your new home. In return, if you cannot close as scheduled, you promise to pay $150 per day, every day, until you are able to close on your Lombardo Home.

How have you experienced the Lombardo Difference? Share your story with us in the comments below!


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