Top Tips to Prep Your Home for Winter

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We winterize a lot in our lives, from wardrobes to boats and many in between. But we often forget that there are things around the house that can greatly benefit from a little TLC before falling leaves turn into falling flakes. Here are some of our best tips for prepping your home for winter.

Empty Gas from Lawn Equipment

Make sure you’re not left with an unruly lawn when spring rolls around! Emptying your gas canister, by either running your mower or siphoning the gasoline out, is one of many steps you should take to ensure you’re taking proper care of your lawn equipment.

Install Gutter Guards

Clogged gutters can create problems in the winter, so it’s important to clean out your gutters before heavy snow and rainfall. We think this is an excellent time to also install gutter guards in preparation of seasons to come.

Move Paint Cans Inside

Typically, a garage or shed is a great place to store extra paint cans. However, paints can freeze in the cold winter months and become ruined. Take precautions by placing a thin plastic layer over the open paint can mouth, then replace the lid and secure it with a mallet. You can then safely store these items in an attic or basement.

Stock Up and Store Winter Items

If you’re a veteran of a cold climate, then you know how useful a deicing agent can be. The time to buy them (and organize a space for them) is sooner rather than later. Make space in the garage by moving spring and summer equipment to basement. This will give you room to keep items like shovels, snow blowers and deicing agents in one accessible place.

Blow Out Sprinkler Systems

If you’ve got an in-ground sprinkler system, it’s imperative that you have the pipes blown out at the end of summer or early fall to make sure that water left in the pipes won’t freeze and cause them to burst. Be sure to hire a professional contractor to complete this task in order to avoid potential damage.

Make sure you’re ready for when temperatures drop (it will happen before you know it!). Let us how you’re prepping your home for winter.


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