Red, White and Blue Home Decorating Ideas

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Independence Day is right around the corner, and that means celebrating the United States’ independence in full red, white and blue style. We know that finding the perfect balance of colored decorations can be hard, so we put together a list of our favorite decorating ideas for the red, white and blue season.

1) Bunting. American flag themed bunting is a timeless look. With this versatile decoration, a homeowner has the ability to transform an otherwise plain fence, wall, balcony or sill into a perfectly patriotic display of red, white and blue. This decoration also possesses a particularly attractive characteristic in its decorative longevity. A subtle bunting can be left up all summer long to give your home that desirable all-American look.

2) Paper Lanterns. Paper lanterns are an awesome way to transform your outdoor living space into a stylishly thematic entertaining area. From simply picking up individually colored red, white and blue lanterns to going all out with star and stripe spangled lanterns, you really can’t go wrong with this decoration. They’re especially beautiful when draped from a pergola or any other outdoor shelter.

3)  Flags. Sure, hanging an American flag from a flag holder next to your front or garage door might be a no-brainer. But our gorgeous flag is such an adaptable piece to decorate with that we felt obliged to mention a few of our favorite ways to display the star-spangled banner. Using miniature flags, you can line any exterior walkway to look positively patriotic, while stringing smaller flags together can allow you to decorate in a similar fashion to the paper lanterns. Table runners and cloths are also perfect places to imprint the stars and stripes pattern that can seriously upgrade your traditional picnic table’s look.

4) Wreath. Wreaths are no longer pigeonholed as a Christmas decoration. From using red, white and blue clothespins on a wire frame to patriotic ribbon and the under-utilized stick wreath, there are some very tasteful and sophisticated options for a Fourth of July wreath. This is another decoration that we certainly feel can be left up all summer long to display your love for the country in a stylish fashion.

5) Balloon Flag. This one requires a little ingenuity and even more space, but is a unique way to spice up a blank fence or even a bare wall. Simply pick up a plethora of red, white and blue decorative balloons and map out the outline of an American flag on the space you’re looking to decorate. Then, blow up your balloons and fasten them to the surface using anything from staples and wall tape to putty and pins. When placed outdoors, this decoration can beautifully sway with the gentle summer breeze and show off a singularly unique aesthetic.

There are so many excellent ways to display your patriotism around Independence Day and throughout the summer. Did we miss some of your favorite ways to decorate in red, white and blue? Leave us a comment and let us know how you make the Fourth of July even better with unique décor.


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