Which State Decorates the Most for Halloween?

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Pumpkins, skeletons and witches, oh my! It’s that time of year, where summer turns to fall and home decor turns spooky. Maybe you’ve just settled into your new construction home and are getting ready to decorate for the first time, or maybe you’re a seasoned pro with a famous Halloween display that wows all your neighbors. In either case, Happy Halloween!

We’ve analyzed more than 1,000 Halloween decoration search terms in Google, to see where in America people decorate the most. We also polled 998 homeowners to understand national trends in Halloween home decoration.

When you think of Halloween, you may think of states with a spooky history, like Massachusetts. In fact, Utah is the state that most gets in the spirit of Halloween. Illinois, New Jersey, Texas and New Mexico round out the top five. Unfortunately, Iowa, Minnesota and Mississippi are least interested in decorating.


Most Popular Halloween Decorations in America

Everyone has preferences when it comes to Halloween; some like to go above and beyond with the scare factor, while others prefer a cute fall aesthetic with smiling pumpkins. Regardless of style, there are universal symbols of the Halloween holiday, like: skeletons, pumpkins, spiders and witches. Analyzing Google search trends, we established the 22 most popular Halloween decorations in America.


Most Popular Halloween Decoration in Each State

Each state has preferences, too. While skeletons and pumpkins may dominate the search volume in most states, we analyzed which decoration is most unusually popular in each state. 

It appears the East Coast has a thing for pumpkins and the West Coast likes bats. Not surprisingly, corn stalks are unusually popular in the Midwest. And, we’d like to give a special shout-out to Nebraska and Arkansas for preferring animal skeletons more than most. There is perhaps no other decoration that’s as funny as it is creepy.


National Trends in Halloween Home Decoration

According to our national poll of homeowners, Halloween is a big deal. Eighty-two percent of homeowners are decorating this year and two in three homeowners decorate every year without fail.

Obviously, Halloween decoration can be an indoor or outdoor affair. Of the homeowners we surveyed, 67 percent say they decorate inside and 61 percent say they decorate outside. Fifty-four percent do both.

We asked when people get started on decorations. One in five have their decorations up in late September, and most people (41 percent) decorate during the first week of October. The average person spends $145 and more than three hours decorating.

Amidst our Google search trends data, we learned a few more things about what decorations people like. For example, Americans love lawn inflatables. It’s the number one type of Halloween decoration people search for. Also popular: Halloween trees, projectors, front door decorations and animatronics.

There are many beloved movies and entertainment franchises central to the experience of Halloween in America. The most popular movies and franchises searched for each year, in association with decorations, are: Hocus Pocus, Disney, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice, It, Peanuts, Halloween (Michael Myers), Nightmare on Elm Street (Freddy Krueger), Ghostbusters, and The Addams Family.

No matter how much you decorate your home, what style you like, or whether you feel competitive with your neighbors (25 percent do) … we wish you a safe and happy Halloween this year. You’ve earned it!



We analyzed more than 1,000 Google search terms related to Halloween decorations to complete this study. For state-level data we looked at search volume per capita averages over the past three years, exclusively for search terms indicating intent to purchase.

We also surveyed 998 Americans homeowners, asking about their Halloween decoration habits. Respondents were 70 percent female and 30 percent male, with an age range of 21 to 70 and an average age of 32 years old.

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