Cute Halloween DIY Decorations

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With some kids not going trick-or-treating, and others trying to find ways to get into the spirit of things, making DIY projects for Halloween is a great way to stay involved and stay safe during the holiday. Trick out your home with some Spooktacularly cute Halloween DIY decorations!

Bugging Out

Creepy crawlies creep people out for a reason. Make your own by using cardstock to cut out different bug shapes. Lay them around tables, drawers, and other places someone will be sure to spot them and be surprised. Get more elaborate by using fuzzy craft supplies to create 3D insects and spiders, then attach pipe cleaners with glue to give them legs. Hang them around, use them for place settings, or stick them to the wall using pins or Command™ strips.

Critter Cutouts

Perfect for any level of DIY, cutting out different animal shapes and placing them around for decoration is quick and easy. Try using cats, rats, mice, ravens, crows, and snakes to start. Take them up a notch by customizing them with glitter, paint, and markers! Draw on scales, glue on fur and feathers, and add some googly eyes. Make them stand out more by using glitter or glow-in-the-dark markers. You’re not limited to real animals either; dragons or other mythical creatures are also on the table!

Gone Batty

Let these nocturnal nightmares liven up the décor by using black cardstock to cut out their shape and leave them around your home. Hang them from lights and lamps or attach them to your ceiling fan. Attach them to a string to make a garland perfect for your mantle, doors, chairs, or tables. For something more involved, weave twigs around your staircase and glue these suckers in place for a surprise.

Tattered Lanterns

A simple way you could add some spooky décor to your home by hanging paper lanterns. Make them fit the theme by using ripped mesh and fabric scraps, fake spider webs, and some of our DIY critters. You can also get them in colors more suited to the occasion, like green, orange, purple, red, yellow, brown, and black.

Pumpkin Madness

Especially good if you have really young kids who won’t be joining in on the pumpkin carving, decorate your pumpkins with paint and markers. Sketch out ideas on the pumpkin’s exterior with pencil, then fill in your masterpiece with paint, markers, and glitter. Use varying sizes to create interesting and diverse settings both inside and outside of your home. If you’ve hollowed them out, you can also put different things inside, like candy, candles, plants, and larger decorations like a disembodied head.

Have some spooky decorating planned for this Halloween? Share them in the comments below! Check out some of our related blog posts, like How to Make a Halloween Balloon Ghost.


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