Home Decorating DIY: How to Make a Halloween Balloon Ghost

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When I was younger, I loved making garbage-bag ghosts for the front yard each Halloween. It was easy: take a white garbage bag, add balled-up newspaper for the head, tie the neck with a string, draw on a face, and you’re done. I made more than 50 of them throughout my childhood.

These DIY Halloween balloon ghosts are similar, but add an eerie touch that was missing from my childhood ghosts. Gather up the kids, grab a few white balloons and black permanent markers, and create some spooky decorations for your front porch or bay window.

Here’s what you need to make a Halloween balloon ghost:

  1. Plain white balloons
  2. Black permanent marker
  3. White or neutral creepy cloth (you can find this at most Halloween stores)
  4. White string


How to make it:

  1. Blow up the balloon
  2. Color a face on the balloon with a permanent marker (knot side up)
  3. Drape the creepy cloth over the balloon
  4. Tie string around the knotted end of the balloon to hang
  5. Put the spooky ghosts on display!


Did you make a Halloween balloon ghost? Share your experience and pictures with us in the comments!

Alyssa C., Lombardo Homes Sales Manager and DIY extraordinaire, contributed to this story.


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