5 tips for adding spring color to your home

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Have some fun with color this season! Add spring color to your home with these 5 decorating tips.

  1. Accessorize! Fill the empty spaces in your home with brightly colored pillows, throw rugs, and wall hangings. Have a dark-colored throw pillow you absolutely love and don’t want to throw away? Pick up some colorful fabric and create your own spring-themed pillow cover for the warmer seasons.
  2. Introduce plants into your décor. Hit the nearest flower shop and stock up on potted African violets, hibiscus, or pothos, and add the plants to any lonely corner or end table. House plants will brighten up a room, even on the gloomiest rainy day.
  3. Ditch dark, heavy bedding in favor of light pieces and bright colors. Warmer nights mean you no longer have to sleep with six extra blankets on your bed! Instead of using heavy, flannel sheets, refresh your sleeping space with cotton or linen sheets and pillowcases. Have a dark duvet cover? Consider purchasing a light, bright cover for the spring and summer months.
  4. Update window treatments. Put the thick, heavy curtains in storage and pull out lighter, airy pieces. Mix and match bright colors, such as shades of yellow, blue and green, to liven up the space.
  5. Refresh outdoor living spaces. Give your existing outdoor furniture a thorough spring cleaning or spruce up the space with new pieces. Creating a warm atmosphere will encourage your family to head out after spending a long winter cooped up inside.

We love finding new decorating ideas! If you have others to add to our list, please leave them in the comments.

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