5 Tips to Create the Perfect Playroom

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We all love our loft space, but after moving in you may look at the room and think, “Okay…now what?”

There are numerous ways to use a loft based on your family’s needs and lifestyle; it can be a second living room, a TV room, an at-home office, a homework nook, a playroom – the possibilities are endless.

In a new series on the Lombardo HomeMade blog, we’re exploring ideas for transforming your loft into the room you’ve always envisioned. This week, we’re focusing on a room dedicated specifically for the kiddos – a playroom.

Follow these 5 tips to turn your loft into the perfect child’s playroom:

  1. Leave plenty of floor space. Instead of cramming every toy your child owns into the loft, display a few large toys that are hard to be moved by your child in order to allow maximum floor space for playtime. Blocks, train/LEGO sets, and dollhouses all need space for play!
  1. Use wall space for storage. If getting organized is one of your 2017 resolutions, that goal doesn’t need to go out the window once you set up the playroom! Line one wall with shelves, drawers, and cubbies dedicated to books, art supplies, and favorite toys. These oft-used items will be easily accessible for the kids, both during playtime and cleanup.
  1. Don’t forget furniture! Whether it’s a small table and chairs for arts and crafts or a loveseat and plush pouf chair for reading, seating is essential in any playroom. Don’t forget to add extra lighting for evening activities, as well!
  1. Let the kids pick the décor. This is their space – empower them to decorate it to match their creative tastes and personalities! Including them in the décor selections will help them take ownership of the space and make it more special to them.
  1. Allow room for growth. When designing your playroom, it’s a good idea to ensure it has the flexibility to evolve with your family. Select timeless pieces for your lighting and furniture – decor that is going to stay in that room for the long haul – and save the trends for smaller accessories and knickknacks. This gives the playroom much more longevity once your kids are grown up.

Have you used your loft as a playroom? Leave your ideas in the comments section!


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