5 Tips for Creating Common Areas You’ll Love

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Creating rooms in your house is a very personal endeavor – each one customized to represent your unique style and creative flair. But oftentimes, the bigger the room, the harder it is to get the décor exactly the way you envision.

Whether it’s a loft or a living room, here are some tips to help you create a common area that’s perfect for you.

Lighting is Everything

When designing a great common area, one of the first things you should note is the brightness. The more natural light you’re able to let, in the better, so try not to minimize it by adding too many window treatments. Natural light helps accent the décor you pick, gives off the perception that the space is larger than it actually is, and creates a more inviting atmosphere for guests. You can also inject your personality into the lighting of your common area in the form of table/floor lamps, chandeliers, and other types of overhead fixtures that match the style you’re trying to convey.

Consider the Details

Furnishing a common area with the big stuff – couches, coffee tables, entertainment centers, etc. – is an important part of establishing the identity of the room, but it’s the details that give it its personality. You can start by challenging yourself to create a table top vignette that speaks to your style and can start a conversation. The art that adorns your common room is also an important detail that can make or break the way you perceive it.

Organize with Style

If you have too many things in your common area, it can often get pretty messy, which undoes all the hard work you put into making it look great. You may also think it unseemly to drop a storage container in the room that’s completely out of sync with the rest of the décor. But it’s completely possible to include organizational elements in your common area that are thoughtful, effective, and match the style you’re aiming to achieve – it just requires a little extra creative attention!

Make the Investment

You may have a proclivity towards thrifty and inexpensive products, but that idea should be thrown out the window when it comes to decorating your common area. This is your home we’re talking about, after all, and you want the pieces you include to be high-quality and long-lasting. Loving the room you look at and interact with day in and day out will be well worth the investment.

Power of One

Sometimes, all it takes to change your perception of a common area is one unique, unexpected element that makes no sense and complete sense all at the same time. What that element is – whether it’s a yellow accent wall, odd figurine, or interesting art fixture – is completely up to you. If this is an avenue you’re willing to take, make sure the element is large and bold enough to command attention when you walk in the room.

What tips do you recommend for creating a great common area? Let us know in the comments!


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