5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Hobby and Craft Room

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We all love our loft space, but after moving in you may look at the room and think, “Okay…now what?”

There are numerous ways to use a loft based on your family’s needs and lifestyle; it can be a second living room, a TV room, a homework station, an at-home office, a reading nook, a playroom – the possibilities are endless.

In a new series on the Lombardo HomeMade blog, we’re exploring ideas for transforming your loft into the room you’ve always envisioned.

This week, since many of our homeowners in Michigan and Missouri are big into crafts and DIY projects, we thought a hobby room would be the perfect way to utilize loft space.

Follow these 5 tips to turn your loft space into the perfect hobby and craft room:

1) Draw it out. As with any loft space, it’s important to first create a sketch of what you want your hobby and craft room to look like. This will help give you an idea of the kind of furniture and tools you’ll need to purchase, and allow you to maximize the space you’ll be using.

2) Make sure there’s plenty of storage. Whatever your hobby or craft, chances are it requires quite a few parts and pieces to make. Therefore, it’s important that your craft room have ample storage space to keep everything organized. Adding stylish cupboards, chests and shelves to your loft space will help keep your hobby room clutter free.

3)  Invest in a good craft table. When making crafts or DIY projects, lots of workspace is needed to foster a more creative and focus-driven environment. Investing in a large craft table that matches the aesthetic of your hobby room, while also being sturdy and durable, will quickly prove to be a smart investment.

4) Ensure lots of natural lighting. Utilizing lots of practical natural lighting is important for DIY hobbies and crafts. A well-lit area is a must if you’ll be working with color, like paint or fabric, and will give you an easier time figuring out exactly what you need. If you like to work at night, position-able lighting, such as a gooseneck lamp, will better direct light to your work space.

5) Add your creative flair. If you’re making a DIY craft and hobby room, then chances are you have a big creative side. Let it out when designing your loft space! Adorn the walls with art that inspires you, fill shelves with your favorite completed projects, give the room a general theme that relates to your hobby and decorate it accordingly. Anything that makes you feel freely and fully creative will work!

Have you used your loft as a hobby and craft room? How did it look? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!


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