5 Tips to Creating the Perfect Reading Nook

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We all love our loft space, but after moving in you may look at the room and think, “Okay…now what?”

There are numerous ways to use a loft based on your family’s needs and lifestyle; it can be a second living room, a TV room, an at-home office, a homework nook, a playroom – the possibilities are endless.

In a new series on the Lombardo HomeMade blog, we’re exploring ideas for transforming your loft into the room you’ve always envisioned. This week, we’re focusing on a spot for the family bookworm – a reading nook.

Follow these 5 tips to turn your loft into the perfect reading nook:

Tip 1: When selecting furniture and accessories, comfort is key. You may fall in love with a vintage chair from the antique store down the street that fits in perfectly with your home’s décor, but if it hurts your back after five minutes, forget it. When purchasing furniture for your reading nook, test out a variety of styles so you know you’ve found the right match. Don’t forget a place for your feet, too! Consider getting an ottoman or pouf so your legs can be outstretched and feet elevated while you dive into your favorite novel.

Once your furniture is in place, it’s time to accessorize! Find a lumbar pillow that complements your décor and will support your back during marathon reading sessions. Keep throw blankets handy for curling up during chilly late-night reading.

Tip 2: Include optimal lighting for reading. Lighting is vital when setting up your reading nook. If you can, set up your reading nook near a window to take advantage of natural lighting. Add a 50” – 60” floor lamp, preferably with multiple brightness settings, for direct light during evening and nighttime reading.

Tip 3: Add a table. Sometimes, reading a great story can inspire you to do some writing of your own. Put a small table nearby for some post-reading journal time or creative writing. Or, you can simply use your table to hold drinks and snacks – we won’t tell!

Tip 4: Keep books within easy access. We’ve all been there: you have your tea, snacks, blanket, and are just about to get settled on the couch… when you realize your book is in the great room downstairs. Or, you’re snuggled in your reading chair and ready to begin another story, but your bookcase is in the bedroom. To prevent these scenarios, keep your favorite titles within easy reach by adding bookshelves to your reading nook.

Tip 5: Don’t nix the floor space. Floor space is still important in your reading nook! We all know there are days when you (or the kids) would rather sprawl out on the floor with your book instead of curling up in the chair. Save floor space for those carpet reading sessions.

 Have you used your loft as a reading nook? Leave your ideas in the comments section!


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