5 Tips For Setting the Perfect Spring Table

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This is a guest blog post by Jessica Kane, a writer for Silver Superstore, the online leader in silver flatware, Moscow Mule mugs, replacement pieces and more.

You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to set the perfect spring table and impress your guests. With a few easy tips and tricks, you can decorate like a professional and create a lovely, welcoming table that your guests will love. Here are five ideas to help get your creativity blooming.

Think fresh. Spring is a time of growth and renewal, so accent your table with living things. Opt for a centerpiece of real cut flowers or potted plants. Keep your arrangement short, however, so it does not interfere with dinner conversation. For a modern twist on the typical floral centerpiece, place several small potted herbs on the table or small jars containing one or two petite flowers. Flower petals, too, can be sprinkled on the table. For a truly unique look, hang fresh citrus slices from your glasses, bowls or water pitcher for a pop of color and subtle scent.

Be colorful. Bright, bold colors make an excellent addition to spring tables when used properly. Choose a single anchor color for the bulk of your pieces and then accent with a second color. You can do this by wrapping a napkin of each color in a single napkin ring, stacking colorful plates or laying a table runner over your tablecloth. Adding white to this color scheme always works, but make sure any other colors are muted and used sparingly so as not to overwhelm your table. You can also set your table in muted tones and add small pops of color with bright coffee mugs or bold napkins.

Curb calorie counting. Spring gatherings should be all about fun, which means never skipping dessert. Unfortunately, your guests may be thinking about the upcoming bathing suit season. A trick the pros use to keep everyone focused is bringing out small, lightweight plates when it is time for dessert. Delicate plates trick the mind into thinking the dessert sitting atop them is also light and less calorie-laden. It’s a great way to celebrate warm weather without worrying about waistlines, at least for a little while.

Remember the little things. Personal touches and little extras make a table and those around it feel special. Use handwritten place cards or make small name flags and stick them in a fresh lemon or orange. It’s also a nice touch to place small gifts at every place. Think spring when choosing gifts for your guests, and hand out bottles of bubbles, butterfly magnets, small pinwheels, seed packets or other reminders of warm weather and spring showers. These small tokens give your guests a trinket to remember the occasion by.

Take it outside. When celebrating spring, there is no better backdrop than Mother Nature herself. Whether you take your table poolside, out on the lawn or onto the patio, the outdoors creates a wonderful ambiance. This works best when you have some type of screening to keep the bugs away. You can also use citronella, but be sure to keep it a fair distance away from the table so as not to interfere with the smell and taste of your menu. Set your outdoor table with your good china for a charming air of casual sophistication.

These ideas are simply a handful of ways to spruce up your spring table. You’re sure to think of plenty more once your creative juices start to flow. Go with your ideas, experiment freely and remember that your personal taste need be your only guide.


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