6 New Home Decorating Tips

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Building a new home is exciting! Between choosing a community and selecting the options to make your new home fit your family’s lifestyle, there are many decisions to make during the home building process. The decisions don’t stop once you’ve moved into your home – now, it’s time to choose decorations! Whether you’re decorating your first home or updating the décor for your second or third home, try these six new home decorating tips:

  1. Start with areas in which you’ll spend the most time. Focus your time, energy, and funds on the areas your family uses on a daily basis, such as the great room, bedrooms, or loft. You’re more likely to notice the bare walls and end tables in these rooms than you are in lesser-used areas. Save the formal dining room or study for a later date.
  2. Utilize mirrors in your décor. Mirrors reflect light throughout a room and will make the room appear larger and brighter. Place mirrors on walls that are perpendicular to a window so the light is reflected into the room, rather than back out the window.
  3. Mix colors and textures. Decorating on a budget? Mix complementary colors and textures in simple ways—with throw pillows and blankets, for instance—for an easy and inexpensive way to enhance the décor in a room.
  4. Keep furniture away from the walls. Intuition may tell you that pushing the couch and chairs against the wall will make a room feel larger, but pulling the furniture away from the walls and into the middle of the space will actually make the room feel open and more spacious. Plus, this will save you from getting scuff marks on the walls!
  5. Scale furniture to the room. Don’t try to stuff multiple pieces of large furniture in your study or put a couple of small, dainty chairs in the two-story great room. The same concept applies to artwork: save the oversized painting for the great room and smaller pieces for the study, dining room, and bedrooms.
  6. Changing décor styles? Experiment with one room before transforming the entire home. If you’re itching to replace your Victorian-style décor with rustic pieces, try the new look in a bedroom or the loft before introducing the style to the rest of the home. Once you’ve decorated the room, wait a few weeks to make sure this new look is one you’ll enjoy in the long run.

Do you have any other new home decorating tips to share? Let us know in the comments section!


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