7 Non-Holiday Decorating Ideas

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Home decorating can be a fun experience any time of year! Transforming your home for a theme or season is more often than not worth all the hard work you put in. With all the holiday tunes, Christmas trees, and other holidays’ décor out for celebration, it can be hard to remember the winter season is underneath it all, and sometimes an overwhelming endeavor to set everything up elaborately only to take it all back down. Whether you don’t celebrate a holiday or just want to create a neutral seasonal look, we’ve got you covered with these non-holiday decorating ideas.

Start with simple snow effects. A good way to start is by simply putting fake snow on some of your flat surfaces. This can be a mantel or coffee table, dresser or windowsill. Take this a step further by covering some of your usual décor with the “snow,” such as frames, music boxes, baskets, or vases. Cotton balls are a good substitute in a pinch. Top things off with snowflake garlands hanging around the perimeter of your rooms, doorframes, or your mantel.

Let your artistic side shine through. A quick way to embellish your home with a winter touch is to decorate your windows. Instead of using decals of wintery things, draw them instead. Get some paint or chalk markers from a local craft store in white, black, pale blue, rich green, or deep red and draw plants, snowmen, or your own unique snowflakes. Use metallic colors for extra sparkle! This is also a fun activity if you have kids.

Display your candy. Take your favorite sweets out of their baggies and pour them into a glass vase or mason jar. Then, decorate with glittery ribbons or bows and place in a high-traffic area where they can be within reach. Cute and tasty!

Invite in a natural glow. You can buy a string or more of lights in a simple warm white or another color you love. Hang them around busy rooms to create an ambient feeling when the lights are off. You can even wrap these around other decorations to add more visual interest to them. If plain lights aren’t your thing, try a flower-shaped string of lights instead.

Winter scents. A way to add a winter touch to your home with minimal effort is to have seasonal scented candles lit in spaces that will see a lot of people. Many companies have limited edition scents only available during each season, so strike a match and get your home smelling like fresh gingerbread men or pine trees. Dress them up more by placing them in vases surrounded by silver beads, fake berries, or pinecones. If you have pets, be sure to place them in areas they can’t reach, and double check the ingredients beforehand to ensure they’re safe for your non-human family to inhale.

Bring in the forest. Place pinecones upright in pots to make them look like mini potted trees, and use a wreath in non-traditional areas like a centerpiece or hanging on tables. To doll them up more, paint or spray the tips of the pinecones or nettles with fake snow for a frosted effect.

Add a splash of color. If all else fails, the easiest way to bring in the winter season is to rotate out pillows and throw blankets with ones in the colors of the season, such as navy blues, rich reds, deep greens, and cool-toned brown and white. Silver and gold would work well with any of these colors to add dazzle to your home as well.

Do you have any non-holiday decorating ideas? Let us know in the comments section!


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