7 Tips for Welcoming New Neighbors

Creativity & Design

Alyssa C., Lombardo Homes Sales Manager, contributed to this post

One of the exciting parts of living in a new community is all of the new neighbors you get to meet! Oftentimes, a good neighbor can quickly become a close friend. So to help inspire you, here are a few creative ways to welcome new neighbors into your community.

  1. Compile a list of your favorite places in the area. This can include grocery stores, restaurants (with menus), malls and other shopping locations, doctors and nearby hospitals, and any local recreation activities you enjoy.
  1. Create a personalized welcome mat. Sure, you can easily run to Target and grab a new welcome mat, but what says, “Welcome, neighbor!” better than a new mat made specifically for their family? Find ideas for making your own.
  1. If the new neighbors have children, create an address book of kids in the area. Better yet, host a playdate for everyone to meet – kids and adults included!
  1. Skip the flowers and get your new neighbors a potted plant. A live plant can be used for interior décor and/or future landscaping.
  1. Bring over a new candle. This is a simple gesture, but your new neighbors will be reminded of you when they use it.
  1. Whip up a batch of your world-famous chocolate chip cookies… Or, bring a sweet treat from a local bakery, if that’s more your style.
  1. Most importantly, exchange contact information and start building a relationship! Building a new home is a big deal, and feeling welcomed and acknowledged will help your new neighbors transition smoothly into the community. Invite them over, share stories, host a BBQ, etc. – whatever the activity may be, getting to know each other is the most important thing!

What ways do you welcome new neighbors into your Lombardo Homes community? Check out our previous blog post for other housewarming gift ideas.


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