8 Home Decorating Ideas for Outdoor Living Spaces

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The Fourth of July is this weekend, which means one thing: afternoon barbecues! Prep your deck, patio and backyard for your July 4 BBQ with these 8 decorating ideas.

  1. Introduce lighting. String lights, hang lanterns, or add path lights to give your space a warm, inviting glow, even after the sun sets. Feeling crafty? Make your own outdoor lantern out of a recycled tuna can and glass hurricanes.
  2. Scatter end tables. What’s more annoying than balancing your full plate on your knees while guarding your drink between your ankles so it won’t get knocked over by passing guests? Avoid that drama by placing end tables between chairs so everyone has a spot to rest drinks and plates during the party.
  3. Mix festive pillows. Add some red, white and blue to your décor with festive, USA-themed pillows. You can go the traditional stars-and-stripes route, or you can play with the designs and mix and match blue and white polka dots with red and white stripes. (See what this blogger did there?) If you’re not decking out your home with flags and banners, this is a quick and easy way to bring a touch of Independence Day to your patio’s decorations.
  4. Hang plants. Display your favorite flowers and succulents in hanging pots, which will help keep your precious plants from becoming food for the rabbits and squirrels. If hanging pots aren’t your style, check out our spring DIY project and make your own flowered-inspired chandelier.
  5. Stock up on pool accessories. If your backyard has a swimming pool, make sure it’s outfitted with the right supplies for your water-friendly guests. Lounge chairs? Check. Tables with umbrellas? Check. Extra sunscreen? Check. Floaties, inner tubes and rafts? Check, check, check.
  6. Add a storage table. A rustic, outdoor-friendly storage table will provide extra space for drinks and plates during the party, but will also offer space for storing blankets for chilly evenings.
  7. Install a fire pit. Near the end of the night, there’s always someone who asks it: “Anyone want some s’mores?” Instead of popping marshmallows in the microwave (which almost always ends in disaster), install a fire pit in the backyard and finish the evening with a warm, cozy bonfire. You can buy one from the hardware store or build your own. S’mores not included.
  8. Hang a hammock beneath the trees. For relaxing during the day after the BBQ, of course.

We love finding new decorating ideas! If you have others to add to our list, please leave them in the comments.


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