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Over the years, we’ve heard numerous stories of homeowners who move into their new homes just to realize they live in their home much differently than they expected when they built it. Maybe they didn’t plan for their family to expand, or they didn’t realize that a formal den was less important than a first-floor playroom, or perhaps the oversized island should’ve been built because the family uses that island for casual dining, homework and meal prep and… well, you get the point.

At Lombardo Homes, we have a primary goal in mind when it comes to our customer-focused approach. We want you to be more satisfied with your home one year from closing than you were on the day you moved in. To accomplish this, we utilize our trademarked Discovery Event™ during our initial meetings with potential homeowners.

The Discovery Event™ is a series of interactions and conversations that focus on your family’s tastes, preferences, current lifestyle, and anticipated lifestyle changes. We go beyond questions that are general in nature so our team can truly understand how you’ll live in the home and make lifestyle recommendations that complement your way of life today and for years to come. We do this BEFORE you sign a purchase agreement, thus ensuring that the home plan and options selected at purchase agreement are perfectly suited to your family, your lifestyle, and even your anticipated life changes. By investing the time up front to go from general to “lifestyle” questions that uncover your unique needs, our Lombardo Homes team is better able to realize our goal of long-after satisfaction to you in your new home.

Our Discovery Event™ will truly change how you buy a home. Our building process isn’t about making you a number or a dollar sign, but instead, a person or family building a home—a place where you build family traditions that will be handed down from generation to generation and create memories that last a lifetime.

Check out our discovery process to begin your home building journey today.


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