Reasons to Build a New Home

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We’ve spent more time at home than ever during the past year. Over the past year, you may have pondered building a new home —especially if you’ve been cooped up with kids or pets crowding your new “office.” There are a variety of reasons to build a new construction home, from customization options to energy efficiency. Our list below provides 5 reasons why building a new home is the right choice.

Customization. It goes without saying that the most appealing part about building your own home from the ground up is customization. From the homesite your home is built on, to the exterior colors and design, to interior layout and options, you have a plethora of choices to make your new home perfect for your lifestyle. When you buy a new construction home, you won’t have to make these personalizations as an additional purchase after moving in, which can sometimes lead to discovering underlying issues and additional expenses. Too many options leading to stress and uncertainty? We have an interactive design tool in both Michigan and Missouri that allows you to customize many of your options before meeting with a sales manager. Our experienced team members, from your Sales Manager to the Design Consultants at our Design Studio in Michigan and Missouri, will help you select options that best suit your family’s needs, as well.

Lower maintenance. While new construction homes still require everyday homeowner maintenance, new homes are built to meet current building codes and will have the most up-to-date technology and finishes, meaning they’ll last longer than a home full of repairs or heavy maintenance issues. It also means less stress and less money spent on that maintenance.

Lower energy costs. With new innovations in energy efficiency coming along every day, building a new home means taking advantage of those innovations to lower your energy use. Insulation, heating and cooling, and appliance options can all affect the energy consumption of your new home. A home that’s already built will likely need many upgrades before it can reduce your carbon footprint, while you can ensure those options are selected from the start when you build a new home.

New home just for you. Not only will a new construction home fit into your current life rather than have you adapt your life to it, but this will be a home that no one else has lived in yet. It will be a blank slate, just for you and your family, without any surprise that can be found in older homes.

Scheduling. The timeframe for new house construction can vary based on many factors, which people often consider as reason not to build a new home. However, after making the decision to build a new home and establishing the timeline of when it will be completed, you can plan other aspects of your move, including packing, travel, potential job hunting or school transfers, and the resale of your previous home.

Even if you start your new home search set on finding that perfect move-in ready home already built, building from start to finish guarantees you’ll get exactly what you want and need in the location that you want. Working with a professional can help you decide what the right move will be for you and your family. If you’re interested in building with Lombardo, you can contact us for more information on new home builds in Michigan and Missouri.


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