Home Decorating DIY: How to Make a Floral Mobile

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Summer vacation is almost here! Time for swimming in the pool, getting lost in the books you meant to read all school year, filling your belly at backyard BBQs, and tackling the DIY projects and crafts you pinned to Pinterest this winter.

So, round up the kids, gather your favorite spring flowers, and try out this quick, simple, and colorful home decorating DIY project. With only four materials and four steps, it’s a perfect project to kick off summer!

What you’ll need:

  1.  Mason jar ring
  2. Snap Dragons (2) and Bells of Ireland (2)
    Tip: Use more flowers if you have a larger mason jar ring.
  3. Scissors
  4. White string, cut into 16” pieces for hanging the flowers from the ring
    Tip 1: Adjust string height for the top of the ring based on the location from which it’s being hung.
    Tip 2: Be sure to use 4 pieces of string! This will keep the mobile level when hanging.


How to build it:

  1. Cut all flowers to the same length
  2. Tie string to the flower stems
    Tip: Remember to tie the strings at the same point on each stem so the flowers stay the same length!
  3. Hang the flowers evenly on the mason jar ring

Find a spot for your new creation!


Alyssa C., Lombardo Homes Sales Manager and DIY extraordinaire, contributed to this story.


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