How to Incorporate Classic Blue Color into Your Home

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2020’s Pantone Color of the Year is a calm and soothing color: Classic Blue (Pantone: 19-4052, Hex: 0F4C81). This color is peaceful and provides refuge—something perfect to close out the year. The Classic Blue color was selected with the intent of providing a dependable and stable foundation on which to prepare for the new era.

Classic Blue provides the constancy and confidence required for trust and reliability. It’s likened to the vast and infinite evening sky that has no limits, encouraging us to likewise look beyond what’s right before us. Deepen our thinking. Open our perspectives. Increase our communication.


Great Room

As a soothing color, Classic Blue is perfect for use on walls or ceilings, as it will provide a grounded tranquility to any room. A sofa or rug are also ideal to showcase this color for the same reason. You’ll always have something to bring your eyes to rest. Larger furniture pieces will establish this feeling better, allowing Classic Blue to give you that change to take a minute, breathe, and reflect.


As a busy area in any home, the kitchen is a good place to make minimal use of Classic Blue. Usually, more active colors might work best in the kitchen to keep energy up when cooking, cleaning, or eating with family. Displaying cookware in this color can provide a small point of interest. Keep it subtle by incorporating it into your backsplash. Dinnerware, seats, and seat covers, and appliances also often come in simple colors like this.

Dining Room

The dining room is probably the easiest place to bring in any color, depending on the mood you seek to create. Use Classic Blue on the walls to keep dinnertime more peaceful, evocative, and open. Place settings or a centerpiece are quick and simple ways to get the color in. A tablecloth or chair covers in this shade can also create that reflective aura. Add it to the background by including it in your display art, flowers on your tables or cabinets, and candles.


Being able to keep a cool head even while working is no small feat, but having Classic Blue in your study can help provide that perfectly balanced and thoughtful mood. Keep your study calm and relaxing by painting some or all walls in this resilient color. Add it into an already established place by including plants, tables, chairs, artwork, or other accentuation décor throughout the area to provide an encouraging environment for you to work.


A Classic Blue accent wall, door, or duvet cover can be a focal point to provide a comforting backdrop that will reap reflective and soothing thoughts. Use a blue ottoman, day bed, or chairs to give the bedroom a grounded space to focus on when one needs a moment to slow down. Shelving, toys, and small decorations can also quietly provide that small moment of peaceful escape to the room.


Perfect for use in the bathroom, blues can keep the room calm and soothing to help you unwind. Incorporate this color with other natural tones like leafy greens or earthy browns. Towels, bath rugs, sink accessories, and frames are a simple way to cycle in Classic Blue without making it be too much of a distraction. You can even plant succulents, which are good for circulation and another natural green, in blue and vases. For a focal point, use this color on your shower curtain. As always, ambient candles are a great way to add color to this space with minimal effort.


Have you already incorporated the Pantone Color of the Year into your home? Will you be trying any of these tips? Let us know in the comments.


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