How to Incorporate Living Coral into Your Home

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This year’s Pantone Color of the Year is a bright and lively color: Living Coral (Pantone: 16-1546, Hex: FA7268). This color is eye-catching and conversational—and not just for its orange and pink hue. It’s a color that most people wouldn’t see in a home without purpose. The Living Coral color was chosen with the intent of nurturing the natural world around us while appreciating social connection online and in person.

It might seem too bright to be a natural color, but coral is always veiled under the lens of water. Coral reefs are laden with lively colors to help provide a safe place for sea creatures just as bright. This reconciles well with the energy and enthusiasm evoked by the color and the desire to interact with other people in a comfortable setting. In this blog post, we’ll explore ways to incorporate Living Coral into our homes to recreate this feeling from nature.

Great Room

While its orange roots make Living Coral less than ideal for a living or great room, adding décor in this color can increase the comfortable and conversational aura that a great room exists for. Wrap this bright color in cool, natural shades that are darker to balance the energy it stimulates. A sofa, coffee table, or rug are ideal because they are easily swapped out and well-supported by the other colors in the room on the walls, ceiling, and other furnishings.


As a busy area in any home, the kitchen provides a good template for using Living Coral. Cookware in this color on display can provide a point of interest. Add this summery color subtly by incorporating it into your backsplash. If you want something even more subtle and need an excuse to shop, dinnerware, seats and seat covers, and appliances often come in bright colors like this.

Dining Room

The dining room is probably the easiest place to bring in any color. Place settings in coral or a centerpiece are quick and simple ways to get the color in. A table cloth or chair covers in this coral shade can also create that enthusiastic aura. Add it to the background by including it in modern art, figurines and statues, or flowers on your tables or cabinets.


To keep your study calm and relaxing, it might be best to avoid putting Living Coral on your walls. However, placing plants, tables, chairs, or other accentuation décor throughout the area can provide a stimulating environment for you to work. It can also increase creativity and critical thinking.

Playroom and Loft

If you have kids, or simply have another gathering space, this color can liven things up and create a more playful atmosphere. A coral sofa or accent wall can be a focal point to allow kids, teens, or adults to have a comforting backdrop that will drive conversation and togetherness.


Usually greens and blues are reserved for bathrooms to keep them calm and soothing. Because coral is a natural underwater color, incorporate it in your bathroom amidst deep, cool blue and lighter green. Towels, bath rugs, sink accessories, and frames are a simple way to cycle in Living Coral without making it be too much of a distraction. You can even plant succulents, which are good for circulation and another natural green, in coral pots and vases. For a focal point, use this color for your shower curtain. As always, ambient candles are a great way to add color to this space with minimal effort.

Have you already incorporated the Pantone Color of the Year into your home? Will you be trying any of these tips? Let us know in the comments.


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