How to Incorporate More Green into Your Home

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With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, many are thinking of the best ways to get green on their body to ensure they don’t get pinched repeatedly throughout the day. But what about your home? There are actually a lot of great reasons to get shades of green into your home regardless of the holiday season. And since St. Patrick’s Day is only one day, why not think of ways to work your green home décor in so that it’s functional long-term?

Green is a color of nature, harmony, and renewal. It’s restful on your eyes, making it both pleasing to look at and stress-relieving. Because of this, green is great for any room of your home, combining the refreshing, relaxing shades of blue with the cheerful and bright shades of yellow. Green also suggests stability and endurance. Not everyone might love the idea of completely repainting a room or accent wall though, so let’s go room by room and incorporate this refreshing shade instead.

Great Room
Usually the main room of the home or one of the first places you see, this room gets a lot of foot-traffic. A neutral pastel green on the walls could help guests and yourself unwind and relax in this potentially busy space, but embellishing with a green couch, sofa, or chair could easily shift the mood as well. Pillows with green patterns can also draw your eyes to the pleasant color without being overbearing. Do you display your photos? You could switch out your picture frames for green ones. A rug can also give off the impression of being outdoors on fresh grass.

Mainly a place for cooking, the kitchen is a station of hustle and bustle in most homes, especially in the mornings or other busy times of a household’s day. A backsplash with shades of green would create a perfect relaxing backdrop for the space. If you want an excuse to buy new cookware or a dining set, you could buy them in green and find a place in the kitchen to display or hang them as a point of interest. If you have a pantry with a door, you could also paint it green to add to your ambient space.

Dining Room
The dining room is probably the easiest place to bring in any color. Place settings in green or a centerpiece are quick and simple ways to get the color in. A table cloth or chair covers in green or with green details can also create that refreshing aura. Green candles can not only welcome the color, but if they’re scented, they can very literally bring in those refreshing spring scents whenever you light them.

One of the best ways to be productive is to be relaxed. Get some green furniture in a study with shelving, tables, or chairs. You could even display any green books you own somewhere easily seen within the room. Green desk accessories or stationery can provide a moment of relaxation to look at when busy with your important work. These spaces are also great for plants or succulents to help bring down stress levels that often are present, and help bring back a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere.

Whether it’s your own room or a guest bedroom, when you walk in, you definitely want to feel at ease and able to unwind. As the spring season comes in, new green bedsheets and pillows can too! Try putting green trinkets or boxes on display. A lamp with a green body or lamp shade can double up on its productivity. An ottoman with a green cushion or a green rug on the floor can also subtly incorporate the color into the room.

Another perfect place for green to give off its fresh and natural effects is the bathroom. Make your bathroom feel like a spa with green décor such as towels, rugs, and plants. Green shower curtains, sink accessories, or cleaning essentials quickly add the relaxing feel to the room. Take it a step further by adding those ambient candles here too.

Do you already have green well incorporated in your home? Will you be trying any of these tips? Let us know in the comments.


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