How to Incorporate Red, White, and Blue into Your Home

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Each 4th of July, many think of the best ways to get the illustrious red, white, and blue into their homes. Some people love going all out for the holiday, while others are interested in designs that are subtle and easy to shift as time goes on.

Some things to keep in mind are how each of these colors affect the mood depending on shade, amount, and location. As an intense color, red raises the energy level in a room. It’s great for drawing in people and stimulating socialization. Conversely, blue is a calming, soothing shade that relaxes the atmosphere. It slows heart rate and will keep energy low. Regardless of whether you want to show your patriotic spirit in full force or just have simple decorations that be easily cycled out, there’s something for everyone in this blog post for decorating your home for July 4th.

Great Room

The main room of the home or one of the first places you see, this room gets a lot of foot-traffic. Red throw pillows or flower pots can create a simple source of that energetic color to encourage guests to chat with one another and increase excitement for the fireworks to come. Decorate with a patriotic red, white, and blue flag banner hanging from your mantle or windows. Add more festivity with star-spangled balloons or candles. Party poppers and favors can also give your guests something to do to work off some of that energy while waiting for delicious barbecue. Balance out the excess energy with a blue throw blanket or rug, helping to ground your guests while keeping up with the day’s theme.


While cooking will be what primarily goes on here, the kitchen can be an easy space to show your patriotic spirit. Red cookware displayed through glass cabinets or hanging up can provide the kitchen with more energy without making it feel too busy. Dress the space up fort the 4th by busting out some holiday-themed silverware, napkins, and plates. Decorate mason jars with paint or glitter in red, white, and blue stars and stripes. Another good way to keep your decorations functional is to fill some party cups with red and blue berries and fruits, such as blueberries and raspberries.

Dining Room

People might be more focused on the food, but that’s no reason to leave it untouched when decorating. Place settings in red or blue are a subtle way to bring in a piece of patriotism. Make a centerpiece using blue and red flowers, with holiday party favors mixed in to really go all out. If you need something more festive, hang flag banners on the back of your dining room chairs, and use a tablecloth with the iconic stars and stripes pattern. Use red, white, or blue candles strategically for the ambiance you’d like to present.


The backyard and porches can be a very public display or your patriotism. Aside from the usual large flag hanging from somewhere, try spray-painting your lawn with red, white, and blue stars, or place pinwheels in the grass for some subtle festive flair. Grab some blue and red pots and vases to put flowers in to match the occasion, and fill them with flowers in the holiday colors. Hang star shapes from your porch or decorate lawn chairs with them. For a subtler display that can work year-round, buy or paint the chairs in blue, or use themed chair cushions that can easily be swapped out after the holiday is over. Because there are risks with too many guests outside when hot cooking or fireworks are around, a calming blue is better for outdoor spaces to keep energy down. Place a patriotic bunting along a fence or porch, or use a wreath decorated with red, white, and blue party favors and flowers. Finally, get blue and red fireworks to go off once nighttime hits.


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