Is It OK to Paint Your Ceiling?

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Are you thinking about painting your ceiling?

Historically, white has been the standard color of choice for ceilings in most rooms. But with the ever-growing trend towards complete home customization, the ceiling is now often referred to as the ‘fifth wall’, due to the design possibilities it presents.

There are many factors to consider if you’re thinking about painting your ceiling, and proper planning is required to ensure the success of such a huge undertaking. To help you decide if it’s the right move, here are some things to know if you’re planning on painting your ceiling.

The ceiling’s impact on room size.

The color of your ceiling is instrumental in shaping peoples’ perception of room size. A plain white or bright-colored ceiling can make your space appear more spacious than it is, making it a solid choice for smaller rooms. Conversely, a paint color that’s a few shades darker than the walls can make your ceiling look lower, and create the illusion of a smaller, cozier area.

The ceiling’s impact on room design.

If your eye for design leans more towards uniformity, then you may want to consider painting your ceiling the same color as the walls. This works best on lighter, more neutral colors such as off-white, light-gray and beige. Color continuity like this provides contrast, and can help influence the décor – for example, dark-colored flooring and furniture pops out against beige-colored walls and ceiling. Dark ceiling and wall colors can also look great, provided your room lets in lots of natural light.

Different ceiling styles.

When deciding whether it’s ok to paint your ceiling, the style of ceiling is a big factor. At Lombardo Homes, we frequently incorporate accent colors on tray ceilings in our model homes. Cathedral or vaulted ceilings provide lots of room for creativity. But if you have something like an exposed beam ceiling, which provides a clear focal point, then it may be best to leave the color as-is.

Ceiling patterns.

If you have more creative tastes, you may shy away from painting your ceiling a solid color and instead opt for a pattern. This is a great way to provide a focal point for your room, and display your unique sense of style. Ceiling patterns can include everything from mosaics to checkerboard to stripes. You can even make like Michelangelo and paint a mural on your ceiling – the possibilities are endless!

Personal preference is ultimately key when deciding the new color or pattern you want your ceiling to be. Browse your favorite home decorating magazines and Pinterest photos to get a sense of what’s out there, and use it to influence your design. Some furniture and paint manufacturers even offer free online tools that let you virtually paint the ceiling and walls any desired color, based off an actual photo of your room!

Have you ever painted your ceiling? Share your experience in the comments below!







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