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Renae B., Lombardo Homes Division Sales Administrator, contributed to this story.

These days, animal lovers want to include the furry finest in all aspects of our lives. My husband and I are always thinking of new creative pet décor items to add to our home for our two dogs, Penny and Casey.

If I had it my way, I would bring my dogs to work, into restaurants, to my doctor appointments…you catch my drift? Animals have become family members, and we just want to spoil them the way they spoil us with their love every day.

You can show love for your four-legged family members with these pet décor ideas:

Create Safe, Cozy Spaces

Much like people, animals need a place to decompress alone without feeling stressed, anxious, or threatened. Crates are a great place for dogs to go for moments like these because they mimic dens.

Ever notice how your dog sometimes will sleep under your dining room table, the desk in your office or your bed? Since dogs are den-dwelling animals, these spaces create a sense of security and comfort for the animal, and your pet décor should reflect that.

When we brought Penny home last year, we kept her crate in our bedroom. I wanted to incorporate the crate into our décor, so I went online and found this genius idea:

Photos via Wooftalk and Buzzfeed

It’s simple, safe for your pets and functional! You can make your own or purchase one online. For cat owners, you can use a similar idea to create a private space for your kitty’s litter box.

Your dog isn’t digging the crate? Try making a dog bed out of an upcycled end table, instead (I have been dying to make one of these but just haven’t found the perfect nightstand to make them with). This type of pet décor is so neat and pretty easy to make. All you have to do is find an old nightstand or end table, flip it over, modify and paint away.

Make Their Food Station A Conversation Piece

Your pet’s food dishes are a necessity in everyday life. However, so often there’s not a good place for them in your home – they either don’t match the décor or they get in the way. There are a number of fun options that help incorporate your pet’s food station into the everyday décor of your home.

Think about retrofitting one of your cabinets to add a dog dish slide-out or doggie bar. If this isn’t a possibility, conjure up some DIY magic and create a food station that matches your décor. Some possibilities include making food stations out of old crates, wood, or pipe, recycling old furniture that houses both the food storage area and bowls, and more. Have fun with it!

Photos via Eco Cool Dog and Architecture and Design

Display Them In Your Decorations

Who says our pets get to have all the fun? When I first moved into my current house, I looked online for some dog-related decorations so I could show off my pups in my pet décor. I fell in love with these personalized pillows. You can customize them to have silhouettes of your cats or dogs – along with their names and pronunciation – and then create a personalized definition of your cat or dog. Such a good idea for your bedroom or any common areas!

Photos via Personalization Mall

For some easy DIY decorations, displaying your favorite photo of your pet and their paw print is a fun way to incorporate them into the collection of family photos hanging on your wall. About a year and half ago, my family lost one of the best dogs we’ve ever had. We have her paw print and collar, thanks to our veterinary hospital. Instead of letting her collar and paw print collect dust in a drawer, I created a shadow box with her photo, collar, and paw print all in one spot on display.


What sorts of pet décor do you have in your home?


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