Reflections on 2015 and Resolutions for a New Year at Lombardo Homes

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Wow! How time flies! 2015 has come to a close and many of us are looking forward to 2016, making resolutions and planning for this New Year. We’re excited to welcome 2016 here at Lombardo Homes, but before we do, we wanted to reflect back on what an amazing year we had in 2015.

Michigan: New Models, New Options, and the Discovery Event™

Our team in Lombardo Homes Michigan has kept busy! In our never-ending quest to provide our homeowners with the most functional, livable, and forward trending homes, we have added a plethora of new, life-friendly options. Some options are smaller, like adding a number of unique pendant light options in our kitchens, while others are large in scale, like adding optional lofts, rear and side bumps, and first floor in-law suites.

We’ve updated many of our color selections, like lighting, tile flooring, hardwood flooring, granite and quartz countertops and so much more, to ensure that the colors and options you see in all those gorgeous HGTV homes can be a reality in a Lombardo Home.

You may ask how we know what to add? We listen to you! Our homeowners receive surveys twice during our build process – once at the closing of their new home, then again 13 months after they close. We review each and every one of these surveys and the comments our homeowners provide. It’s this information that helps us understand how our homeowners live in their new home, as well as which options and selections are most important to them. A huge thank you to all our homeowners who have taken time to provide us with this information.

With all these new options, we’ve built seven new models in 2015. These models showcase a vast majority of new options, as well as our new floor plans that feature amazing kitchens, tons of storage, and full family entries off the garage entrance. The new models are beautiful, fun, and most importantly, 100% livable and obtainable. We put a lot of thought into which floor plans to display, what options to showcase, and what colors and décor completed the home. We encourage you to check out a Lombardo Homes model, especially if it’s been over a year since you last visited us. We know you’ll be blown away by what you see.

We opened a number of new communities in 2015, with some communities even commanding ‘campers’ the night before we opened. You read that right! Some of our communities were so in demand that our homeowners brought tents, sleeping bags, and portable chairs and slept out overnight just to guarantee that they’d have first pick of the homesite of their dreams, as well as preconstruction pricing. The best part of our camping scenarios is we have neighbors hanging out and getting to know each other before their homes are even built! It’s a fun atmosphere and we certainly love to be able to bring a desirable neighborhood to a high demand area.

We also introduced our new, trademarked  Discovery Event™. Through our  Discovery Event™, we work closely with homebuyers to identify their unique needs and build a home that not only complements their lifestyle, but also will continue to serve their needs as their family continues to grow. We take the time to truly understand how people will live in their home. By understanding family size, dynamic and lifestyle, we can recommend floor plans that will fit the needs and lifestyle of any family. We will offer option recommendations to maximize space and functionality throughout the home and space, and even take future life changes into account. We know we’ve done our job right when our customers are even more satisfied with their new home one year from closing than they were on the day they moved in.

St. Louis: Introducing Cranbrook Custom Homes, Anywhere Lombardo, and the New Design Center

Our team at Lombardo Homes St. Louis has also been busy! We were excited to introduce our custom homes line, Cranbrook Custom Homes, in June. We debuted our custom display home in Wentzville, off Diehr Road, hosting a private party for our realtor partners and a second grand opening party for the public. We were both excited and encouraged by the positive response to our custom homes. Our clients have expressed their appreciation in having a homebuilding option that allows them to truly customize their home exactly as they want it and we’re excited to fill this void in the St. Louis market.

We also introduced our Anywhere Lombardo program, allowing homeowners to build the Lombardo home of their dreams, literally, anywhere! Whether they own their own property or need our help finding and purchasing property, homeowners aren’t limited to our Lombardo Homes communities. So many of our homeowners dream of a beautiful home on many acres, in their hometown, or overlooking natural areas… Anywhere Lombardo ensures our homeowners don’t sacrifice a thing! They achieve their dream home and their dream homesite.

Finally, our St. Louis team spent the end of 2015 working toward the completion of our central Design Studio. Scheduled to open in early spring 2016, the central design center will enhance our clients’ building experience. Homeowners will work with a design professional to pick out the interior and exterior details for their new home. Our design studio will display a majority of our options and color selections, as well as some of the most cutting edge features desired in today’s homes. Our homeowners will have a place to see, touch, and choose the options in their new home. Stay tuned…details will be available soon!

2015 was certainly a fun and busy year for us, but we have so much more planned for 2016! We’re so excited to ring in the New Year and continue our quest to build our homeowners the Lombardo home of their dreams.


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