Summer DIY Projects to Deck Out Your Home

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Half the year has almost gone by already, and we’re so close to summer. Summer is perfect for DIY projects you can do at home while enjoying the warmer weather outside or rainy days inside. If you’re in need of a few projects to do, we’ve compiled a list of eight summer DIY projects that can be as plain and simple or fancy and elaborate as you want!

Garland of Stars

Instead of buying this decoration pre-made, make your own as you see fit! All you’ll need are scissors, construction paper or cardstock, and string. Cut our stars (or other fun shapes) and place them along the string to hang. Add a fun message for your family to see when they walk by. If you want more pizzazz, you can use any assortment of glitters, streamers, or drawings.

Creative Candles

Breathe life into a room by adding decorated candles and candleholders to it. Use glitter, markers, pushpins, and flowers to decorate the outside of a candle. If you plan to use the candle, an alternative would be getting a mason jar or candleholder and decorating that instead. Make it more personal by placing something like sand from your last beach visit in the bottom for a floating effect.

Flower Power

Make your own flowers to show off your green thumb. Using construction paper, roll “stems” and staple one end closed so it’s flat. Glue on flower and accent leaf cutouts to complete the look. Take it a step further by using glitter or beads to emulate pollen in the center of your flower. Bundle them together to place in a vase for display, or use with your place setting. Something more advanced might be using origami for more diverse and elaborate looking flowers. Check out this tutorial to take it even further and create your own garland.

Floral Frames

Keep it simple by decorating plain photo frames with flowers, art, and lettering! Use a glue gun to place pressed flowers to the frame, either individually or as a bundle for a more overgrown look. Don’t have pressed flowers or the time to make them? Use markers or paint to draw your own unique designs. Try handlettering or simply printing and tracing quotes or sayings for that personal touch.

New Vase

Use any old or unused item with a larger opening on one end – like a watering can – and  elevate its look by giving it a fresh coat of paint. You can stop here if you want, but as with everything else, make it more unique by using other decorative materials to make it stand out, such as drawings, glitter, pressed flowers, quotes, or some combination of them. Reinforce the inside with a lining before adding some dirt, rocks, or water, depending on the type of plant you plan to showcase.

Personal Mailboxes

To save counter or desk space throughout the house, utilize old boxes to hold mail or other items you’d like to have at arms’ length. Have each person decorate their own box as they see fit, then cut one long side of the box out. Attach to the wall and voila! You can use this to help distribute the mail in your household, or even hold your stationery so it’s always close to your desk without cluttering it up.

Pretty Paper Pinwheels

Using premium paper, fold accordion-style along the length. Then pull the corners from each short end together to form a circle; glue, staple, or tape these closed. Use different sized paper for smaller or larger pinwheels. Next, glue these pinwheels to some twine and hang them around inside or outside your house. Look here for a more in-depth tutorial.


Will you be trying any of these DIY ideas? What are some projects you do in your own home? Let us know in the comments below!


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