The Art of the Open Floor Plan

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Comparing modern floor plans with historic or retro homes will highlight one thing in particular. These days, open floor plans have become the popular design choice. Why is that? We’d like to share some reasons open floor plans are taking homes by storm and would be a great design choice for your future home.

They make spaces appear larger. Walls and doors section off parts of your home and can make it feel boxed in. In great rooms and kitchens, large open space will create a relaxed feel, decreasing stress that might arise from hectic mornings. Two-story homes with high ceilings will enhance the look of a larger space.

They provide layout flexibility. Take advantage of the space to get more creative with displays or furniture setups. Without constricting walls, your furniture and décor options open up. You can be creative with kitchenware, finishes, backsplashes, and colors, since they’ll be viewable from multiple angles. Reconfiguring your furniture for the changing seasons is also simpler without walls obstructing layouts. If you buy furniture before you move in, there’s less worry about squeezing it in to fit confined spaces. You won’t have to squeeze in a large sofa or worry about an inch of difference from your coffee table.

They can be multifunctional. In an open floor plan, spaces can serve many purposes. A family room, recreation room, home office, etc., can all be achieved depending on your needs. And when your needs change, adjusting the space again is still just as simple as it was before.

They make entertaining easier. Hosting friends or family can often lead to getting whisked away from certain tasks, like cooking dinner, and coming back to forgotten work. With an open layout, you can interact from whatever area of the space you need to be at, making socialization easy. Your guests can also be close without ever actually coming into a designated space, allowing you more room for movement when getting things prepared. Overcrowding becomes less of an issue, as people will have the ability to gather in one large space rather than squeeze into tiny ones.

They create a seamless flow for traffic. Open floor plans provide everyone the room to freely move around as they prepare for their day. Fewer toes will be stepped on and there will be a decrease in traffic jams between you and your family, which also means fewer spills! Monitoring younger children in another area is also easier because they’re always visible and there won’t be any barriers blocking you from getting to them quickly.

They provide increased light. With no walls to obstruct window access from one room to the next, light can easily travel between spaces. Letting in more natural light also increases productivity and saves energy, since artificial light can create eye strain and uses more electricity.

They increase energy efficiency. While there are mixed opinions on whether an open floor plan really is energy efficient, the increase in natural light and lack of walls and doors constraining air make them easier to heat and cool. Too many walls can interfere with airflow, causing temperatures to fluctuate. This leads to working your AC harder in hotter months and your thermostat harder in the colder ones.

Are you looking into building an open floor plan for your new home? If you are ready to design your dream home with a stunning open floor plan, look at what Lombardo Homes has to offer. We can’t wait to meet with you and discuss building your dream home with Lombardo Homes!


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