4 Things We Love About Ypsilanti

Community Highlights

The beautiful and industrial city of Ypsilanti, Michigan, is a cultural hub of old and new things along the Huron River. From historic depot town with its vibrant buildings and unique businesses, to Campus-life at Eastern Michigan, to the open parks and busy streets along Michigan Avenue, Ypsilanti is full of life of all kinds. It’s a big city with many different corners of action and activity, bringing something for everyone to the table. Check out 4 things we love about Ypsilanti.

1. The Huron River

The Huron River is the cardiovascular system of the city, weaving and winding through bridges and nature trails. Hear the river run under the busy streets or visit Riverside Park and Frog Island Park for a closer, more scenic view. Also be sure to check out available boat launches and bike trails that run along the river.

2. A Rich History

Ypsilanti was named after the Greek hero Demetrios Ypsilanti, whose bust stand in the wake of the famous Ypsilanti water tower between the American and Greek flags. The town played a critical role in WWII, mass producing heavy bombers for the war effort at the Willow Run bomber plant and is regarded for the city’s automobile history and the historic firehouse that once served the community. Today, residence and visitors alike can stay in touch with these achievements by visiting the Yankee Air Museum, the Michigan Firehouse Museum, or getting a quick bite at the Bomber Restaurant.

3. Eastern Michigan University

Rated among top business and education programs in the state, Eastern Michigan is a proud part of Ypsilant and its history. The school hosted the first 4-year program in the nation, setting an industry standard for students everywhere. Additionally, the school trained soldiers during WWII, contributing again to the city’s importance in the war effort. Today, it is home to a diverse collection of students, of all ages, nationalities, languages and sexes, and offers a wide array of degrees for reasonable student cost.

4. The Dining Experiences

Ypsilanti has some incredible spots for foodies. When in Depot Town, be sure to check at Maize, home of great Mexican cuisine and fresh, absolutely delicious chips (and they are free). Also check out Sidetrack Bar & Grill, an Ypsi classic along the train tracks and old train station. University students will love places like Wurst Bar, where they can expect delicious brats, burgers and great beer, or go next door and grab some pizza at Tower Inn Cafe.

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