8 Steps to Building a New Home On Your Land

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Building a new homes in an exciting process, and building a new home on your own land adds an extra layer of excitement! There are many advantages to building on your own land: you get to pick the school district, the setting, and the nearby amenities in a way you can’t when you build within a new construction community.

We often get the same questions from potential new homeowners: What goes into building a home on your own land? As you can imagine, much of the process is the same as building a Lombardo home within a Lombardo community, with some notable differences. Below, find our step-by-step guide to building on your own land in Southeast Michigan and the greater St. Louis area.

Step 1: Find a homesite

When looking for land, most clients think about size, location, and price. While these factors are important, there are other questions to ask while looking for land, all of which can affect the home you choose to build and the overall price. These questions include:

  • Where are the utilities?
  • Will you be connecting to natural gas or to propane?
  • How far away is the electrical service?
  • Will it connect to city water and sewer, or will it need a well and septic? (Longer lines to connect the home to services cost more, so it’s important to factor in these increases when you’re considering larger parcels.)
  • Where will the driveway go?
  • Will trees need to be removed?
  • What are the other homes in the area like? (A more expensive home in an area of lower-priced homes means that the new home may not appraise, so will require more cash to make up the difference.)

Are you looking for the perfect homesite? Check out land available in Michigan and Missouri.

Step 2: Discovery Event™

During the Discovery Event™, you’ll meet with your Anywhere Lombardo Sales Manager to discuss everything that is important to you in your new home. The Discovery Event™ will cover how you’ll live in each space of your new home so that we can ensure we build the right home for you. Through this meeting, we’ll identify the floor plan and features that best suit your lifestyle. We’ll use our knowledge of your homesite as well as your pre-approval amount to find the right home for you.

Step 3: Site evaluation

During the site evaluation, our construction team will tour your homesite to determine how your home will fit, and will begin collecting lot-specific information such as permits, utilities, topography, and more. Once this step is complete, we’ll know more about what work and costs will be required to build a new home on your homesite. We’ll include these costs in our construction agreement so you’ll know exactly what your new home will cost! In fact, we guarantee these numbers to be accurate — we won’t be surprising you mid-build with a bill for unexpected costs!

Step 4: Meet with Sales Manager

After due diligence is complete, you will meet again with your Sales Manager to review your home pricing and start the custom change process. Use our tools to help make your dream a reality! Part of our process is capturing all the modifications and additions upfront and not throughout the build, allowing us to give you true pricing instead of an estimate.

Step 5: Write a contract

Once you’ve secured financing through a construction loan – which we recommend doing prior to visiting our sales office and beginning your new home journey – it’s time to write a construction agreement! Structural Options will be locked in at the time of signing the construction agreement, and any changes to Structural Options afterward are subject to late fees. This helps keep the planning, budgets, and construction of your new home on track.

Step 6: Visit our Design Studio

Our Lombardo Homes Design Studios – located in Southfield, Michigan and Lake St. Louis, Missouri – showcase all of our interior options. Clients are able to work with samples for cabinets, countertops, flooring, brick, siding, and more in order to combine colors and palates that are just right for their new homes. We encourage you to make an appointment to visit during Open Preview times. We have found that our clients are more comfortable with their design selections when they have taken the time to preview the available options ahead of time.

Step 7: New home construction

After all of the necessary permits are obtained and selections are made, it’s time to begin construction! You will have meetings and home walkthroughs with your sales manager and construction coordinator at various points during construction to keep you up-to-ate on your new home’s progress. We love this step – it’s so exciting to watch your home take shape and come to life!

Step 8: Key exchange

The day has finally arrived – it’s time to get keys to your new home! You’ll meet with your sales manager to sign the final paperwork and receive the keys to your new home. Once this appointment is complete and you officially have possession of your new home, the real fun begins: moving and decorating! Check out our blog posts with decorating ideas and moving tips.

Interested in building on your own land in Southeast Michigan or the St. Louis area? Contact us to learn more about Anywhere Lombardo in Michigan and Missouri!


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